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The Best 2021 Resolution You Can Make: Reinvest in Your Content Strategy

As we kick off a new year, many of us are ready for a fresh start. 2020 was challenging for just about everyone, but especially for marketers whose best-laid plans had to shift on the fly. In some ways, the pandemic made the idea of planning seem like a fool’s errand, but at GLC, we believe that the…


Content Metrics and Analytics: Be a Miner and an Investigator

Measurement is a part of any content strategy that simply can’t be overlooked. There’s no question about that. But if measurement isn’t accompanied by analysis, you’ve missed the mark. Sure, measurement can tell you how many people viewed your content, how they found it and how quickly they ditched…


Why You Need a Killer Content Strategy

93% of marketers are using content but less than half have a content strategy in place. Are you one of them? And if so, are you confused where to start? Content strategy is the plan around content creation, execution, delivery, distribution and measurement. Content strategy isn’t about more content.…


Why Hospitals Need A Content Strategy Now More Than Ever


For the past four years, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) defined content marketing as “the creation and distribution of educational and/or compelling content in multiple media formats to attract and/or retain customers.” But, says the Institute, content marketing has matured into a formal busi…