Welcome to our resource page for marketers and content creators! Here, you'll find a variety of materials to help you improve your skills and create effective content. From templates and checklists to e-books and webinars, our resources are designed to make your job easier and make your content programs more successful. Browse our collection, and download whatever you need to take your marketing and content to the next level. Happy creating!

Content Marketing Planning and Strategy Resource Bundle

Get the tools, templates and guidance you need to make your content marketing planning efforts more effective and efficient.

Social Media Content Strategy Resource Bundle

Get the tools you need to create a social media content strategy, so you’ll always know what to post next and accomplish your business goals.

Webinar: Rise of the Machines – How AI Is Pushing the Limits of Content Generation

AI’s amazing capabilities are nothing to scoff at, and marketers shouldn’t dismiss them. But proceed with caution; this new tech comes with worrisome liabilities.

Webinar: How to Grow Engagement with a Digital-to-Print Strategy

If you’re planning print content, you don’t want to miss this webinar where we reveal how to use your digital channels to identify the topics and content that your readers will find most engaging.

Referring Physician Experience Checklist

Physicians who respect your organization, feel supported by you and connect with your content will be more likely to entrust you with their patients. Foster that trust with the following checklist.

Webinar: Grow Up! How to Increase the Maturity of Your Content Strategy

Learn how to level-up your content strategy and prove the ROI of your content marketing program in this on-demand webinar.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Content Calendar (Plus Template)

A content calendar can help you stick to your goals and keep your campaigns organized. Learn how to plan content for every stage of your customer journey, and get a jumpstart with a free template.

Reader Survey Template

Reader surveys are an excellent multipurpose tool for understanding your audience. You can use them to develop personas, evaluate the effectiveness of your content and gather insights into the questions and topics your subscribers want to know more about.

How to Conduct a Competitive Content Analysis

This guide will give you all the information you need to conduct your own competitive content analysis PLUS a free template for documenting and organizing your findings.

How to Make Your Content Work Harder for You—Not the Other Way Around

Creating content is a resource-heavy effort, and maintaining leadership support for your content program demands that those efforts show results. Learn how to plan, produce and promote content for maximum efficiency and effectiveness.