Webinar: Rise of the Machines – How AI Is Pushing the Limits of Content Generation

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It seems there is a new AI tool emerging every day. Vetting their capabilities and their quality can seem so daunting that some have ignored them completely, while others have embraced them—perhaps a bit too hastily. AI is a powerful technology that has more and more applications each day, many of which can save marketers and content creators time and even provide them with data-backed ideas for successful campaigns. But AI has some perilous pitfalls, too. Understanding its limitations is key to successful adoption.

In this webinar, you’ll discover:

  • Opportunities to leverage AI in content creation to save time and generate ideas
  • AI tools beyond Chat GPT that are tailored to content creation
  • The important role of human intervention in prompting AI tools and editing their output
  • Pitfalls of AI tools that can have serious consequences for marketers


Michelle Jackson, VP of Content Strategy at GLC

Michelle leads the content team at GLC, comprising content managers, strategists, writers and editors. She joined GLC in 2016 and brings almost 20 years of experience in content marketing and content strategy. She leads omni-channel content programs and has developed comprehensive content strategies for hospitals and hospital systems—both large and small. Prior to joining GLC, Michelle led successful content programs for leading financial services companies.

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