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How to Create a Data-Driven Content Strategy

Having a strategy is necessary for content success, but having a data-driven content strategy is just as essential to better connect with your target audience and generate engagement. Many marketers know the value of using data to guide their decisions but may not know which sources to consider and…


3 Things Rural Healthcare Consumers Wish Large Hospital Systems Knew About Them

Rural healthcare is on life support. Whether due to a shortage of healthcare workers, prohibitively high costs or the consolidation of services, delivering care to patients where they are and when they need it is a constantly evolving challenge outside major metro areas. Large hospital systems are o…


Media Trends Report Q3 2023: Digital Video, AI and Microblogging

Content marketers must continually adapt to new consumer trends to stay on top of industry changes. SPM Group recently released its Q3 Media and Trends Report, which includes recent 2023 video content trends and data. Read on for a rundown on how these findings affect the content marketing industry.…


4 Ways to Use Data to Personalize Member Communications

Using data to personalize member communications has come a long way. It’s no longer just dropping someone’s name in the salutation of an email; true personalization is about showing members that you know and understand them. Here are four ways you can gather member data and use it to provide a perso…


Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

is email marketing still effective?

With so many options in the marketing tool kit, it’s fair to wonder: Is email marketing still effective? As it turns out, email marketing is still a great option to reach your audience and promote your business. It allows you to send targeted messages directly into the inboxes of potential customers…


The Content Audit: What It Is and Why Your Content Strategy Depends on It

Conducting a content audit is an essential step to strengthening your marketing strategy. Whether it’s your website, social media or email marketing, the quality of your content can make or break your marketing goals. With so much content being created and shared every day, it’s easy to lose track o…


Why Quality Content Matters in Marketing

An image of an apple reflected in a mirror. the back of the apple is rotten, representing the idea that quality content is important.

GLC Director of Content Strategy Janet Celosia attended a journalism industry event in Texas and shares the insights she gathered that are applicable to content marketing. Tacos on a Tuesday in Texas — my idea of a night out! The occasion was a gathering for Northwestern University and Medill School…


GPT-3: What Content Marketers Need to Know About This Viral AI

an illustration of robotic hands using a computer keyboard

OpenAI’s ChatGPT (a version of GPT-3) tool went viral for its ability to write myriad posts from only a small amount of input text. By now, more than a million people have used the free artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tool to make jokes, write TV episodes, compose music, write blog…


SEO for Associations: Blogging for Better Rankings

an illustration of a laptop with a long manuscript draped over it representing a blog post

The science of SEO for associations is not fundamentally different than for any other industry, but association professionals often work with lean teams of multi-skilled players. If you’re a marketer tasked with improving your association’s SEO, your organization’s blog may be the most accessible pl…


How to Refresh Your One-to-One Healthcare Marketing in 2023

an illustration of a doctor welcoming a patient. the patient stands behind a door frame shaped like an H for healthcare

One-to-one healthcare marketing is not a new concept. Ever since customer relationship management (CRM) tools were introduced to the healthcare marketing tech stack, hospitals and health systems have leveraged their databases to mine patient and prospect data for more precise segmentation. Electroni…