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A Marketer’s Guide to GA4

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Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest analytics tool, and the way it’s designed makes it easier to track your audience’s journey across all platforms—websites, mobile and apps. It has officially replaced Universal Analytics (UA), the default for digital analytics measurement. Starting July 202…


4 Ways Mobile Apps Improve the Patient Experience

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Ninety-three percent of healthcare execs say mobile apps can help health systems achieve digital strategy goals, according to Gozio’s 2022 “Secrets to Achieving High Mobile Adoption for Patient Engagement” report. And yet, nearly 20% of health systems don’t have a mobile app. The report, which surve…


5 Email Newsletter Tactics to Engage Readers

Email is alive and well. Whether for redirecting to your content hub or promoting upcoming events, the inbox is still one of the best places to meet your audience, drive value and promote your message. One valuable way to connect with your audience is with an email newsletter. We’ve written about th…


How Social Determinants of Health Can Inform Your Content Marketing

Connecting people to care is the mission behind every healthcare organization. But certain barriers can make those connections more complicated to forge. While there are many ways to be proactive about good health, everyone’s health is partially influenced by a set of factors that are mostly out of…


How to Use Content Marketing Metrics to Measure Business Success

“What gets measured gets managed.” Those often-quoted words of renowned business consultant Peter Drucker inspired the data-driven culture most businesses and marketers live by today. Content marketing metrics can provide a wealth of knowledge about the health of your website, content program and ev…


[Guide] How to Make Your Content Work Harder for You—Not the Other Way Around

Ever feel like you’re working unnecessarily hard for your content—and not the other way around? When it comes to content, a common misstep that organizations make is failing to establish a content strategy and clear processes for planning, creating and distributing that content. As a result, many ma…


How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Have you noticed blog posts are getting longer? In 2021, the average blog post was 1,416 words, according to Orbit Media. That’s more than 500 words longer than the average blog post in 2015. A corporate blog was once a way for an organization to produce a high volume of content in a short time with…


Why Gen X Is the Healthcare Consumer You Can’t Forget

Sandwiched between the massive generations of baby boomers and millennials lies Generation X—those 65.1 million U.S. residents born between 1965 and 1980. Gen Xers grew up in a hands-off environment. They’re known as latch-key kids and skeptics. They came of age in an era of technological innovation…


Create Stronger Healthcare Content with These 5 Data Points

Healthcare leaders need to know that their investment in content marketing is working for them. That’s especially true in a post-COVID world, where healthcare organizations face significant financial challenges. It’s crucial for marketers to create meaningful and measurable healthcare content for th…


Psychographic Segmentation: The Missing Link In Your Audience Research

Odds are, you know how important segmentation is to effective marketing campaigns. The question is: Are you utilizing all the segmentation strategies available? Demographic segmentation (creating groups according to things like age, location and income) and behavioral segmentation (dividing consumer…