Best practices, innovative solutions and strategy to optimize SEO performance from the minds of GLC.

Why You Need a Content Strategy for Effective SEO

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Too many content creators think an effective SEO strategy is to write for SEO, with keyword density, backlinks and other SEO “tricks.” In fact, the most effective content for SEO speaks to an audience and gives them something they need that you can provide. To create this kind of content—and maximiz…


SEO for Associations: Blogging for Better Rankings

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The science of SEO for associations is not fundamentally different than for any other industry, but association professionals often work with lean teams of multi-skilled players. If you’re a marketer tasked with improving your association’s SEO, your organization’s blog may be the most accessible pl…


The 3 Best Social Platforms for Reposting Your Content

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Reposting your content on multiple platforms increases your exposure and engagement. You may be creating posts for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with links to the original content, which is important. But you could be doing even more. There are three social platforms that offer big…


5 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are front and center in marketing these days, and it’s about time. Underrepresented and marginalized groups have been left out of marketing and advertising for decades, but top brands across the globe have been changing their tune. Think about the Gillette ad in which a fathe…


How Long Should a Blog Post Be?

Have you noticed blog posts are getting longer? In 2021, the average blog post was 1,416 words, according to Orbit Media. That’s more than 500 words longer than the average blog post in 2015. A corporate blog was once a way for an organization to produce a high volume of content in a short time with…


Create Stronger Healthcare Content with These 5 Data Points

Healthcare leaders need to know that their investment in content marketing is working for them. That’s especially true in a post-COVID world, where healthcare organizations face significant financial challenges. It’s crucial for marketers to create meaningful and measurable healthcare content for th…


Why Recipes Are the Secret Ingredient in Your Content Marketing

Chances are if you’ve read a blog, scrolled social media or opened a magazine recently, you’ve encountered a recipe. Whether it’s a TikTok trending dish or a new diet fad, food content and recipes are everywhere. Recipes are a pillar of the $1.5 trillion (and growing) health and wellness market, and…


5 Tips for Promoting Your Publication’s Content on Social Media

Let’s say your organization has invested in content creation, and you have a stellar magazine website, content hub or blog. That’s great, but how do you reach your target audience and drive traffic to all the awesome content on your site? A good strategy for promoting your publication is multifacete…


Guide: How to Conduct a Competitive Content Analysis

Digital content is an incredibly crowded playing field with thousands of creators across a multitude of platforms and industries. A competitive analysis is the best way to identify what makes your content stand out. A competitive analysis is the process of identifying major competitors and researchi…


5 Keys to a Successful Rebrand

Change can breathe new life into your organization, raising morale for staff and members alike. One change you can make is rebranding your organization to meet the evolving needs of your customers and to reposition yourself in the market. A rebrand is a large undertaking that shouldn’t be taken ligh…