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How to Refresh Your One-to-One Healthcare Marketing in 2023

an illustration of a doctor welcoming a patient. the patient stands behind a door frame shaped like an H for healthcare

One-to-one healthcare marketing is not a new concept. Ever since customer relationship management (CRM) tools were introduced to the healthcare marketing tech stack, hospitals and health systems have leveraged their databases to mine patient and prospect data for more precise segmentation. Electroni…


4 Ways Mobile Apps Improve the Patient Experience

healthcare icons are displayed above a smartphone

Ninety-three percent of healthcare execs say mobile apps can help health systems achieve digital strategy goals, according to Gozio’s 2022 “Secrets to Achieving High Mobile Adoption for Patient Engagement” report. And yet, nearly 20% of health systems don’t have a mobile app. The report, which surve…


5 Ways to Make Your Marketing More Inclusive

Diversity and inclusion are front and center in marketing these days, and it’s about time. Underrepresented and marginalized groups have been left out of marketing and advertising for decades, but top brands across the globe have been changing their tune. Think about the Gillette ad in which a fathe…


How Social Determinants of Health Can Inform Your Content Marketing

Connecting people to care is the mission behind every healthcare organization. But certain barriers can make those connections more complicated to forge. While there are many ways to be proactive about good health, everyone’s health is partially influenced by a set of factors that are mostly out of…


5 Tips for Creating Compelling CTAs

In the world of content marketing, all aspects of a story are important. The headline draws reader in, the introduction sets the scene and the body surprises and delights. But there’s one final piece that’s often overlooked and underestimated: the call to action, or CTA. As their name suggests, CTAs…


4 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

When was the last time you redesigned your website? Or the last time you checked your site’s search ranking? How recently did you conduct a keyword analysis? Even if the answer to these questions is recently, did it improve your site’s performance and your visitors’ experiences? Today’s consumers ex…


What We’re Looking Forward to at HMPS 2021

The Healthcare Marketing and Physician Strategies (HMPS) Summit kicks off October 6 in Miami and features a lineup of sessions and speakers sure to provide tons of great advice and insights as healthcare marketers transition to the next phase of COVID-19 messaging and reinvigorate efforts around the…


Want to Understand Your Audience? Try a Reader Survey.

Last year, nearly a third of B2B marketers said they wanted to know their audiences better. Audience research is an important practice for a successful marketing program. A reader survey is an affordable way to begin your audience research, and it can help you optimize your content marketing program…


Content Metrics and Analytics: Be a Miner and an Investigator

Measurement is a part of any content strategy that simply can’t be overlooked. There’s no question about that. But if measurement isn’t accompanied by analysis, you’ve missed the mark. Sure, measurement can tell you how many people viewed your content, how they found it and how quickly they ditched…


You Developed User Personas — Now What?

No doubt you’ve been urged by marketing leadership, your communications agency or both to develop user personas that represent who your buyers are and what their journey looks like. Maybe you’ve heeded their advice, and dedicated resources to carefully research and flesh out half a dozen personas th…