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Best practices, innovative solutions and strategy for optimizing digital marketing programs from the minds of GLC.

5 Subject Line Tactics to Boost Open Rates

Carefully constructed emails with effective subject line tactics can help marketers reach their target audience and send them through the funnel. If you want to boost open rates, it’s essential to understand what tactics work best for specific email marketing goals. In this blog post, we’ll provide…


Responsive Web Design: What It Is and Why Your Website Success Depends on It

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, responsive web design has emerged as an essential pillar of successful online presence. It ensures a harmonious user experience across a multitude of devices and screen sizes. With strategic planning, flexible design and consistent testing, web developers can cr…


How, When and Why to Republish Content

One of the easiest tricks to expanding your content portfolio is to republish existing content. Republishing content saves time and money while keeping your content up to date, which helps boost your SEO rankings. The four steps below will provide guidance on finding the right pieces to update, maki…


User-Generated Content: What It Is and How to Leverage It

User-generated content, or UGC, is an effective — and inexpensive — marketing tool. As the name suggests, UGC is content created by a brand’s users, who are unpaid consumers, rather than by the brand itself. Want to know how your business can leverage UGC to boost your brand and connect with custome…


Is Email Marketing Still Effective?

is email marketing still effective?

With so many options in the marketing tool kit, it’s fair to wonder: Is email marketing still effective? As it turns out, email marketing is still a great option to reach your audience and promote your business. It allows you to send targeted messages directly into the inboxes of potential customers…


Why Your Hospital Website Needs a Content Strategy

It’s about time your hospital website got a strategic makeover. A precise and thoughtful strategy produces content that’s organized, on-brand and user-friendly — and it reaps rewards. Patients learn about the care they can access, engage with the hospital brand and continually return to the site. A…


Why Your Association Website Needs a Content Strategy

Running an association website, you have a unique advantage that no other businesses have: your members. With a content strategy, your association website meets your members where they are. They want to learn more and help your brand achieve its mission because it aligns with their views. Your websi…


How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

chess pieces representing strategy are positioned in front of a computer where two people discuss social media

If you’re marketing on social media, it’s important to know how to create a social media content strategy. Even though social media can feel like the Wild West at times — with so many content creators shooting off posts and trying to wrangle their potentially worldwide audiences — these platforms ha…


Why You Need a Content Strategy for Effective SEO

a pair of binoculars rests on a rock representing the idea of searching

Too many content creators think an effective SEO strategy is to write for SEO, with keyword density, backlinks and other SEO “tricks.” In fact, the most effective content for SEO speaks to an audience and gives them something they need that you can provide. To create this kind of content—and maximiz…


GPT-3: What Content Marketers Need to Know About This Viral AI

an illustration of robotic hands using a computer keyboard

OpenAI’s ChatGPT (a version of GPT-3) tool went viral for its ability to write myriad posts from only a small amount of input text. By now, more than a million people have used the free artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tool to make jokes, write TV episodes, compose music, write blog…