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Best practices, innovative solutions and strategy for optimizing social media programs from the minds of GLC.

Paid Social 101: Is It Worth the Investment?

One of the best ways to tap into the vast reach of social media is through paid social advertising. According to Statista, social media marketing makes up about 17% of the average marketer’s budget in 2023, and that share is expected to rise to 20% in 2024. With users of all ages and a variety of se…


Media Trends Report Q3 2023: Digital Video, AI and Microblogging

Content marketers must continually adapt to new consumer trends to stay on top of industry changes. SPM Group recently released its Q3 Media and Trends Report, which includes recent 2023 video content trends and data. Read on for a rundown on how these findings affect the content marketing industry.…


User-Generated Content: What It Is and How to Leverage It

User-generated content, or UGC, is an effective — and inexpensive — marketing tool. As the name suggests, UGC is content created by a brand’s users, who are unpaid consumers, rather than by the brand itself. Want to know how your business can leverage UGC to boost your brand and connect with custome…


How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

chess pieces representing strategy are positioned in front of a computer where two people discuss social media

If you’re marketing on social media, it’s important to know how to create a social media content strategy. Even though social media can feel like the Wild West at times — with so many content creators shooting off posts and trying to wrangle their potentially worldwide audiences — these platforms ha…


5 Associations Using Social Media the Right Way

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Are you among the many associations using social media effectively? Not sure what “effective” looks like? Social media is an important marketing tool, yet it can be tricky to gauge success—or even know where to start. Here’s some advice and a handful of examples of associations using social media th…


How to Refresh Your One-to-One Healthcare Marketing in 2023

an illustration of a doctor welcoming a patient. the patient stands behind a door frame shaped like an H for healthcare

One-to-one healthcare marketing is not a new concept. Ever since customer relationship management (CRM) tools were introduced to the healthcare marketing tech stack, hospitals and health systems have leveraged their databases to mine patient and prospect data for more precise segmentation. Electroni…


5 Hospitals That Are Doing Healthcare Marketing on TikTok Right

illustration of doctor assisting with healthcare marketing on cellphone

Can healthcare marketing on TikTok be engaging? The answer is definitely yes. Since TikTok has such a broad scope of content possibilities, the opportunities are endless. Why Healthcare Marketing on TikTok Is Effective Healthcare systems can create content that is engaging, fun and educational, all…


The 3 Best Social Platforms for Reposting Your Content

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Reposting your content on multiple platforms increases your exposure and engagement. You may be creating posts for social media channels like Facebook and Twitter with links to the original content, which is important. But you could be doing even more. There are three social platforms that offer big…


Content Marketing Secrets from the Best Hospital Brands

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The report “Humanizing Brand Experience: Healthcare Edition” ranks hundreds of healthcare brands. Two Ohio hospitals took the top spots in 2022. The Cleveland Clinic was No. 1, and The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center was No. 2. Their content marketing leaders shared some of the secrets t…


Increase Engagement with 3 Surprisingly Simple Tips

If a marketer creates great content, but no one engages with it, does it have any impact at all? This spin on the classic tree-falls-in-a-forest question is the reason marketers don’t just measure output, but engagement, too. Engagement is crucial because it creates a conversation between you and yo…