5 Hospitals That Are Doing Healthcare Marketing on TikTok Right

illustration of doctor assisting with healthcare marketing on cellphone

Can healthcare marketing on TikTok be engaging? The answer is definitely yes. Since TikTok has such a broad scope of content possibilities, the opportunities are endless.

Why Healthcare Marketing on TikTok Is Effective

Healthcare systems can create content that is engaging, fun and educational, all while connecting with patients. TikTok’s users aren’t just from Gen Z. The number of users between ages 10-29 dropped by 15 percentage points from 2020 to 2021, meaning it’s catching on with older users. Nearly 70% of TikTok users report that they remember a brand better if it uses music they like in TikTok posts. Plus, 51% of adults say the internet (including social media) is their first choice for medical information, while just 31% would ask their primary care doctor.

51% of adults say the internet (including social media) is their first choice for medical information, while just 31% would ask their primary care doctor

All it takes is one creative video to become a viral sensation. One example is Cleveland Clinic, which launched its TikTok channel in late-November 2020 with videos focused on the COVID-19 pandemic. Within 24 hours, its video supporting the #MaskUp campaign—an urgent plea for all Americans to wear masks to help limit the spread of COVID-19—garnered more than 1 million views. Today, that TikTok has been viewed more than 29 million times, and @clevelandclinic has gained more than 37,000 followers on TikTok.

@clevelandclinic Our healthcare workers are working hard to keep you safe. Show your appreciation. Wash your hands, practice social distancing + wear a mask. #MaskUp ♬ original sound – clevelandclinic

In addition to Cleveland Clinic, check out how four other hospitals are nailing healthcare marketing on TikTok:

Children’s Hospital New Orleans – Humanizing Hospital Staff


Children’s Hospital New Orleans featured women clinicians with a sound bite from the popular superhero movie, “The Incredibles 2.” The audio was a viral earworm, and videos using it on the platform have garnered more than 9 million views.

@childrenshospital_nola The future (of medicine) is female ?‍⚕️ #happyinternationalwomensday #chnolaproud ♬ original sound – edits

The hospital also showcased a more casual, humanized side of its team with a funny clip about their love for Mardi Gras-famous king cake.

@childrenshospital_nola Where are our Louisiana people who can relate? #kingcake #nola #chnola ♬ River Deep, Mountain High – Glee Cast

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Shriner’s Hospitals for Children – Trendspotting


Children’s hospitals are known for their tear-jerking, heartstring-pulling patient stories, and Shriner’s Hospitals for Children is no different. Jumping on a TikTok trend of pairing One Direction’s “Night Changes” with videos showing a transformation, Shriner’s showcased the incredible progress of a patient who learned to run with a prosthetic leg.

@shrinerschildrens Will gets his first running prosthetic at Shriners Children’s Salt Lake City. Look at him go! #prosthetic #runningblade #limbdifference #shrinershospitalsforchildren #shrinerschildrens ♬ Night Changes – One Direction

Shriner’s capitalized on another trend—this one which uses music, a hand gesture and text to compile “things that just make sense”—to show some of the highlights of its occupational therapy gym. Videos styled in this way received nearly 675 million views on the platform.

@shrinerschildrens Things that just make sense in the #occupationaltherapy department at Shriners Children’s. #shriners #shrinershospitalsforchildren #fyp ♬ Che La Luna – Louis Prima with Sam Butera & The Witnesses

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Rush University Medical Center – Sharing Practical Medical Information


Social media is fertile ground for medical misinformation, but Rush University Medical Center used the popularity of TikTok to share accurate, much-needed answers to common questions about monkeypox.

@rushmedical How to identify #monkeypox with RUSH internal medicine specialist Elizabeth Davis, MD. #monkeypoxvirus #monkeypoxsymptoms #monkeypoxvaccine #monkeypoxoutbreak #monkeypox ♬ original sound – rushmedical

Rush also took to the platform to dispel misconceptions about screening for prostate cancer.

@rushmedical Rush urologist Alexander Chow, MD, dispels a myth about prostate cancer screenings. #prostatecancerawareness #prostatecancer ♬ original sound – rushmedical

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital – Narrative Storytelling


Although many videos on TikTok are short, the platform offers longer formats. For example, St. Jude gave a master class on healthcare marketing on TikTok with a 45-second video featuring its founder, Danny Thomas. The post was in response to another user’s question posed to the hospital and had a cinematic quality with archival footage.

@stjude #answer to @duck. his wish came true ? #dannythomas #founder #stjude #learnontiktok ♬ Ambient-style emotional piano – MoppySound

Like Shriner’s, St. Jude has featured engaging comeback stories of patients who defied the odds. The hospital’s post on a patient who participated in the St. Jude Memphis Marathon after treatment was uplifting and inspiring.

@stjude from treatment at st. jude to participating in the st. jude memphis marathon weekend! go clayton go! ??? #stjude #uplifting #inspiration ♬ original sound – Jecus Andrei

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