4 Ways to Use AI in Content Marketing (Plus Examples)

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is a great resource to guide and optimize your marketing strategy. While you may be using some forms of AI on a daily basis, are you using the technology in a way that is elevating your brand or organization? Read on for four ways you can take advantage of AI in your content marketing strategy.

What Is AI in Content Marketing?

AI when applied to marketing refers to technology that can automate decisions and processes that human marketers once did on their own. The actions taken by the technology are informed by data, such as customer behavior, sales and website traffic. AI helps content marketers plan, promote and track their content more effectively.

Why You Should Use AI in Content Marketing

AI can enhance and amplify content marketing in a number of ways. Here are three key reasons to incorporate AI in content marketing:

AI Can Make Content More Targeted and Personalized

If you utilize AI properly, it can propel the content that you create, making it more specific to your audience. AI can track users’ activity, record the reach of your content and even predict what content will have success. Having a program keep track of both what your audience is interested in and each member’s engagement history with you will allow your organization to curate content that is hyper-relevant and useful to your audience.

AI Can Improve the User Experience

AI can improve the user experience of your website and make contextual content recommendations for your visitors. Depending on a visitor’s history with your site, you may be able to prefill forms with their information to make downloads and registrations seamless.

AI Can Automate Content Marketing Processes

AI not only makes marketing processes more efficient; it also makes them more precise. Instead of guessing when the best time of day to send an email is, AI uses historical data to pinpoint the time when emails are most often opened. AI allows you to scale your communications without losing relevance. Instead of nurturing your audience one member at a time, you can use AI to dictate the messages your audience receives based on their behavior. This will allow for your marketing and content creation teams to dedicate their time to more substantial tasks.

Examples of How to Use AI in Content Marketing

1. Dynamic Content

Some AI-powered tools allow you to change the content on your website depending on who is visiting. These tools use information about the visitor, such as their IP address, to identify them and customize the experience with copy, graphics and CTAs that are relevant to them. For example, you may use dynamic content to show a different version of your website to visitors from different industries or regions.

2. Chatbots

Chatbots are an interactive tool to accelerate your website visitors down the funnel. Some chatbots can serve as knowledge bases or connect visitors with customer service reps. They can also use natural language to determine what your visitors are interested in and refer them to pages on your site that best serve their needs. Chatbots can mimic human conversation, making the interaction feel more personal for those visiting your site. They can also help to collect data about site visitors, which you can use as a roadmap for what your audience wants to see and learn.

3. Trigger-based Automation

AI can be “taught” to identify triggers and take action based on them. This is a great way to ensure your content marketing is timely without being time-consuming. You can use AI to schedule drip campaigns, reminder emails, milestone outreach and much more.

4. Curated Email Newsletter

Sending each of your subscribers a custom selection of content based on their interests would be nearly impossible by hand. With AI, you can automate this curation and make it more accurate by programming your tool to promote content that relates to each subscriber’s past clicks, page views, purchases and downloads.

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