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6 Ways Marketers Can Tackle the Healthcare Talent Crisis

Healthcare workers were in high demand before the pandemic. But as nurses, allied health workers and hospital workers exit the field due to a variety of COVID-related stresses, healthcare organizations are more pressed than ever to focus on recruitment and retention of talent. While financial incent…


Stop Giving All Your Engagement to Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and Take Back Your Audience

When Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp went dark in an outage on Oct. 4, 2021, memes, GIFs and late-night hosts had a lot of laughs. But for marketers who rely on those platforms to distribute and archive their content, the day was anything but fun. While having a presence on third-party platforms su…


Only 17% of Thought Leadership is Excellent. Here’s How to Improve Yours.

Only 17% of thought leadership content is considered excellent, according to the 2020 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study, which surveyed 1,164 U.S. business executives. That equals wasted time, money and resources as well as other missed opportunities. Survey respondents have an appetite for qualit…


Social Media Trends: Which to Ditch and Which to Try

To jump on the latest social media trends or not—that’s the perennial question so many marketers grapple with. Before you dive deep into the next trending tactic, consider these dos and don’ts. DO: Go all in with video. True, video is by no means new to social media. But the pandemic brought on new…


5 Content Marketing Trends to Try Right Now


Content marketing is an ever-evolving field that changes with consumers, technology and culture. Businesses have connected to their audiences through email marketing, influencer marketing, social media marketing and a variety of other methods, and the list continues to grow. It can be overwhelming t…


What to Do With Old Content: Refine It

If you have a website or blog, you’ve probably wondered what to do with old content. While it’s true that content goes stale extremely quickly in the digital world, it’s a myth that you must constantly produce new content to stay fresh. Refining your old content is the best way to preserve your digi…


Writing for SEO: How to Boost Your Search Rankings

Following SEO best practices helps boost the search rankings of your web content and articles, ensuring your organization’s brand and content reach your intended audience. Here are three important considerations for SEO strategy: 1. Define keywords and include them in your web content. Start with a…


The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Content Calendar (Plus FREE Template)


Creating a content calendar is one of the best ways to stay on track with your content objectives and business goals. Read on to learn how to get started and claim your free copy of our guide and calendar template. 1. Begin with the end in mind. Each piece of content you create should serve a busine…


4 Reasons to Adopt the Cluster Topic Model

SEO is shifting toward the cluster topic model, a framework characterized by one page, which acts as a content hub, and multiple pages with related content branching off it. Search engines may favor pages that follow this model and rank them higher for the topics they cover. Search engine algorithms…


Content Metrics and Analytics: Be a Miner and an Investigator

Measurement is a part of any content strategy that simply can’t be overlooked. There’s no question about that. But if measurement isn’t accompanied by analysis, you’ve missed the mark. Sure, measurement can tell you how many people viewed your content, how they found it and how quickly they ditched…