The Best 2021 Resolution You Can Make: Reinvest in Your Content Strategy

As we kick off a new year, many of us are ready for a fresh start. 2020 was challenging for just about everyone, but especially for marketers whose best-laid plans had to shift on the fly. In some ways, the pandemic made the idea of planning seem like a fool’s errand, but at GLC, we believe that the best way marketers can succeed in 2021 is to recommit to strategy setting.

The More You Know

Almost a year into the pandemic, there are many aspects of our new normal that we’ve all adapted to and can count on for the near future.

  1. Consumers are hungry for information they can trust.
  2. Staying healthy is more important than ever.
  3. In-person events are likely not happening until vaccines are widely available.
  4. Digital channels, in many cases, have become the most reliable way to reach audiences who are spending more time at home and on their computers for work, school and social gatherings. Yet digital fatigue is growing.

While we may not love or even like this reality, we are now in a position to be proactive, rather than reactive. Now is the perfect time to take what you learned in 2020 and adjust for 2021; replicate the tactics that worked last year, and shelve the ones that didn’t.

Plan for Flexibility

A good plan is never brittle; it must have some flexibility to absorb the shocks that will inevitably come up in any business scenario. But in 2021, marketers must create plans that are even more resilient. Depending on how directly your business has been impacted by the pandemic, you may want to create plans for different scenarios. Think of this process like you would your crisis communications plan. There should be a defined process for messaging broadly, clearly and quickly. Consider setting criteria that your organization is comfortable with to make decision-making faster and more objective.

Don’t forget to build experimentation into your plan, too. Whether it’s as simple as A/B testing or piloting a completely new concept, you must introduce variables into your plan to keep pace with your audience and optimize your campaigns. These new circumstances require innovative solutions, so challenge yourself to try something new. You might be surprised at the results.

Prioritize Virtual Content and Experiences

Marketers who can master and scale virtual content and experiences will see the least disruption in 2021. This doesn’t just mean adapting your in-person plans for digital platforms; it means planning with a digital-first mindset. In the long term, this will serve your organization by forcing it to grow and evolve in ways that may have been put off before the pandemic.

Do some simple research, like a survey, to find out where your audience is interacting with you. Focus on the platforms that your audience already prefers and uses to gather information. If those channels are not already digital, you can drive your audience to your digital channels and build community there by promoting web-exclusive content and offerings through traditional media.

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