Why You Need a Killer Content Strategy

93% of marketers are using content but less than half have a content strategy in place.

Are you one of them? And if so, are you confused where to start?

Content strategy is the plan around content creation, execution, delivery, distribution and measurement. Content strategy isn’t about more content. It’s about smart content and strategic execution. It’s complicated, cumbersome, consuming … but absolutely critical.

Following these six steps can help you get started:

Step 1 — The Plan

Who’s your audience? Does your content align with your goals and objectives?

Step 2 — The Audit

How good is your content? And what are your competitors up to? What content should stay and what should go?

Step 3 — The Product

Start researching, writing, posting, recording, blogging, tweeting and reusing what you have.

Step 4 — The Distribution

Share your content everywhere your audience is!

Step 5 — The Measurement Tactics

Take a step back and look, critically, at what’s working — and what’s not?

Step 6 — The Refinements

Revise, evolve, and move forward.

Remember: A strong content strategy is no longer a nice to have — it’s a must have.

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