Giving New Life to Old Content

Pushing out new content daily can be a difficult task, especially when you have a variety of categories and topics to cover. But there’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t tweak older content and publish it anew, as long as it still provides valuable and relevant information to your audience. Here are some tips on reviving your old content:


Update information and add new content

Statistics and other data may have changed since you first wrote an article. Update your information with new figures, sources or details. You can also add video, photo slideshows, or other media to an article, or repurpose it into one of these platforms.


Update or add links

Make sure to check for broken links or links that take readers to old information. You can also add more links if there is new, relevant information you want to point readers to, whether on your own site or an outside source.


Update SEO

Research what your audience is searching for and update headlines, keywords, and meta-tags accordingly. This can also help you see if your topic is still relevant enough to gain more traffic.


Share new social media posts

Once you’ve revived your content, promote it! Chances are, new readers haven’t seen the older content and those who have will appreciate updated information. If you can, amend the published date on your content to a current date, so readers won’t think your guiding them to outdated information.


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