Increasing Web Traffic with Visuals

Visuals don’t just drive people to your website—they also get them to stick around. Visual learners make up about 65 percent of the population, and people spend more time looking at relevant images than they do reading text on a page. Here are some ideas for utilizing a multitude of visuals to attract and engage your audience:

Blog images

Whether you use photographs, illustrations, digital graphics or videos, adding visuals to your blog can increase traffic by as much as 94 percent. Featured images are also crucial if you share your blog posts on social media.



People like having solid statistics and figures to help them make decisions, but chances are they won’t digest this data if you present it like a research paper. Infographics display the most relevant facts and figures in a quick and engaging way. They are also inherently shareable—infographics are liked and shared three times more than any other type of visual content on social media.


Landing page videos

Adding video to your website’s landing page grabs your reader’s attention right away and tends to keep them around longer, decreasing bounce rate and potentially increasing conversions.


Client testimonials

Client testimonials help build credibility and trust, which can turn your visitors into customers. You can display client testimonials either as videos or in print with photos or other graphics.