Content Marketing for Professional Services Firms

Content marketing is about more than just creating and distributing content—it requires a robust strategy in order to deliver relevant, valuable content and attract and engage a defined audience.

Unfortunately, many professional services don’t seem to have a strategy, and are therefore just adding to the noise. From our experience, here are five specific areas in which firms are failing:

  1. Audience. They haven’t defined a target audience, making their content too broad to attract people who are likely to make a purchase.
  2. Calls to action. They don’t know if their content is valuable, because they aren’t including actionable takeaways within and after their content.
  3. Metrics. They don’t know if their content is effective, because they aren’t tracking and analyzing trend data or return on investment. Conversely, they lose interest if ROI isn’t quick enough.
  4. Distribution. They aren’t repurposing content for different platforms or channels, such as social media.
  5. The content itself. They make content all about them, rather than on information their audiences are seeking, or their content isn’t timely, fresh or consistent because they lack structure.

For more on professional services content marketing, download Make it Rain, a white paper from GLC.

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