Keeping Up with AP Style Changes

Writing styles must continually evolve with the times. So every year the Associated Press announces changes to its widely used Stylebook. Updates to the 2016 edition of the Stylebook went into effect on June 1, 2016. Among the most notable changes are:

  1. The Stylebook will no longer capitalize the word “internet.”
  2. In the same vein, the Stylebook also will no longer capitalize the word “web.”
  3. The Stylebook will add “dashcam” (one word) as a new entry.
  4. The Stylebook also will add a new entry that distinguishes between an accident and a crash. When negligence is claimed or proven, avoid using the word “accident,” which can be read by some as a term exonerating the person responsible.

For more information on the new changes, visit the AP Stylebook.