The Importance of a Conference Show Daily

The annual conference is a cornerstone of companies and membership organizations. Jam-packed with concurrent events — guest speakers, training sessions, demonstrations, and more — attendees face a dilemma: they can only be in one place at one time. But there is a solution: the Show Daily.

Typically printed as a daily magazine or newsletter, Show Dailies provide news coverage and highlights for each day of the event. Attendee exit polls indicate high appreciation for the Show Daily as an invaluable conference resource.

Digital Show Dailies are also growing in popularity. Whether in tandem with a printed version or onscreen only, the digital Show Daily consists of two components: a website to host content, and a means of delivery—an e-newsletter or a Twitter hashtag, for example. The daily e-newsletter, sent to all attendees’ emails, is an effective option, but the most comprehensive Show Daily program utilizes all available platforms and channels to deliver and share content.

Not only is the Show Daily a great resource for attendees, it’s also an exclusive opportunity for exhibitors to advertise and draw visitors to their booths. As such, advertiser interest in Show Dailies is substantial and advertising revenue helps offset production costs.

Show Dailies are akin to running a daily newspaper. Depending on the number of events to be covered, staffing a Show Daily requires writers, photographers, editors, and designers. For a printed Show Daily, add a production crew, a printer, and a delivery driver. Partnering with an agency like GLC can help. We have the experience and the staff to manage and execute. Our technical know-how brings the added advantage of a networked, offsite design and production team, minimizing the crew needed onsite. Operational efficiency is essential, given the tight deadlines of a Show Daily.

For organizations that want to provide the best, most educational, most rewarding experience possible for conference attendees, the Show Daily is a proven complement to achieving these goals.

To learn how GLC can help with your conference communications contact:

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