For the Millionth Time, Print isn’t Dead

You’ve probably read countless obituaries for the medium of print. As life becomes more accessible on digital devices, content consumers, too, often read on phones, computers and other screens, but readers haven’t abandoned print in the digital age. Rather, they’re turning to books, magazines and other hard copies for a slower, carefully curated experience.

Troy Young, president of Hearst Magazines, recently described magazines as “a lean-back experience that … gives a consumer a break from the intensity of the digital world.”

We agree — and have for years. Print has survived for millennia. Here are a few new reasons why we believe it’s not going anywhere.

1. Privacy and Security
In an age where consumer data is bought and sold, and internet users are increasingly protective of their information, print provides a medium consumers view as more secure and trustworthy, according to research commissioned by Two Sides.

2. Cutting Back on Screen Time
Digital screens aren’t only thought to have adverse effects on children, they can also contribute to health problems in adults from disrupted sleep patterns to strained eyes and poor posture. While many people are glued to their PDAs and computer screens for productivity purposes, they are choosing to spend more of their off hours disconnected.

Research company Ipsos reports that printed books decisively beat out e-books and audiobooks with 65 percent of readers preferring them over digital formats.

3. What’s Old Is New Again
Anyone who’s paged through a West Elm catalog can tell you that the ‘50s have never been more influential. Young upstart brands are turning to traditional media like print to more intimately connect with consumers. Brands as diverse as mattress company Casper and direct-to-consumer razor unicorn Dollar Shave Club have created their own magazines to expand their brands.

And consumers are showing they have an appetite for branded print experiences. The Magnolia Journal, a project of Better Homes & Gardens publisher Meredith and HGTV stars Chip and Joanna Gaines, hit newsstands in 2016 and within a year more than doubled the industry average for full-price subscriptions and newsstand sales.

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