Think More Broadly About Video Content

By now, you know—or should know—the relevance and importance of video in a content mix. Cisco says 75 percent of all internet traffic is streaming video content, while Facebook reports that audiences engage with video content five times longer than static content.

But even if you have embraced video as a content type, are you using it to the fullest extent?

In a recent webinar from the Content Marketing Institute, DemandGen International’s David Lewis and Vidyard’s Tyler Lessard make the solid case for using video to generate, engage and convert leads. They assert that video content isn’t just for your website or your YouTube channel, and we fully agree.

Think more broadly about your video content and the channels where you use it.

At events. Consider adding video to your booth at your next event. That could be a product demo or an engaging video telling the story of your brand. Also, think about the kind of video you can gain at events. For example, consider webcasting keynote speeches or other noteworthy portions of your event for those not in attendance. Or, while you have easy access to thought leaders in your field all in one place, record a series of “man on the street” interviews that later can be edited and distributed.

In email campaigns. If you aren’t embedding video into your emails, you’re missing out. According to a MarketingProfs study, by adding the word “video” to your email subject line, open rate increased by 18 percent, unsubscribe rate reduced by 26 percent and click-through rate increased by 20 percent. Educational videos or storytelling narratives can be effective in emails.

On social media. Social media is prime ground for video. Take advantage of live video on channels like Facebook and Instagram—think interviews with customers, team members delivering trend reports or breaking news, etc. Social is also prime for shorter snippets of your longer videos that may be posted elsewhere.

On sales call. A demo video could be an effective tool for your sales team when they’re nurturing a prospective sale. Encourage your sale team to distribute the demo by email as well as play the demo on a tablet or laptop during in-person meetings. In addition, post the demo video front and center on the home page of your website to maximize its reach.

Where else could you use video aside from your website and YouTube channel?