Best practices for laying the foundation of a successful marketing program from the minds of GLC.

The Content Audit: What It Is and Why Your Content Strategy Depends on It

Conducting a content audit is an essential step to strengthening your marketing strategy. Whether it’s your website, social media or email marketing, the quality of your content can make or break your marketing goals. With so much content being created and shared every day, it’s easy to lose track o…


The No. 1 Reason Content Marketing Programs Fail

When it comes to content marketing, some organizations hit home runs—and others strike out big time. The causes can vary, but the most common reason content marketing programs fail is this: a lack of content strategy. Why You Need a Content Strategy Governing your content marketing efforts with a ho…


Why Your Hospital Website Needs a Content Strategy

It’s about time your hospital website got a strategic makeover. A precise and thoughtful strategy produces content that’s organized, on-brand and user-friendly — and it reaps rewards. Patients learn about the care they can access, engage with the hospital brand and continually return to the site. A…


Why Your Association Website Needs a Content Strategy

Running an association website, you have a unique advantage that no other businesses have: your members. With a content strategy, your association website meets your members where they are. They want to learn more and help your brand achieve its mission because it aligns with their views. Your websi…


Content Governance: Why It Matters and 5 Steps to Implement It

Content governance is an essential part of any content strategy. It ensures that all content produced by your team remains consistent, up-to-date and in line with business goals and objectives. Even better, a good content governance plan can help you make the most of your resources, make better cont…


Repurposing Content for Maximum Impact

Repurposing content, when done correctly, can save you time and resources. Given the speed and volume at which content is produced, even a great idea can go stale quickly. Keeping up a constant stream of new material may be ideal, but it’s impractical. Repurposing content allows your content to work…


6 Ways to Improve Your Content Strategy

If you’re looking to improve audience engagement and significantly impact your ROI, it’s time to improve your content strategy. Not having — or having an ineffective — content strategy is one of the most common mistakes a content marketer can make. But with some strategic planning, you can ensure yo…


How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy

chess pieces representing strategy are positioned in front of a computer where two people discuss social media

If you’re marketing on social media, it’s important to know how to create a social media content strategy. Even though social media can feel like the Wild West at times — with so many content creators shooting off posts and trying to wrangle their potentially worldwide audiences — these platforms ha…


Content Marketing vs. Advertising: Which Is Better?

a megaphone with marketing and advertising icons coming out of it

Marketers must make the decision about where to allocate their budget and resources: content marketing vs. advertising. But the choice isn’t as simple as you may think. Here, we will distinguish the differences between content marketing and advertising to help you determine which route may be best f…


Why You Need a Content Strategy for Effective SEO

a pair of binoculars rests on a rock representing the idea of searching

Too many content creators think an effective SEO strategy is to write for SEO, with keyword density, backlinks and other SEO “tricks.” In fact, the most effective content for SEO speaks to an audience and gives them something they need that you can provide. To create this kind of content—and maximiz…