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Best practices, case studies and and expert advice for healthcare marketers from the minds of GLC.

The No. 1 Reason Content Marketing Programs Fail

When it comes to content marketing, some organizations hit home runs—and others strike out big time. The causes can vary, but the most common reason content marketing programs fail is this: a lack of content strategy. Why You Need a Content Strategy Governing your content marketing efforts with a ho…


Why Your Hospital Website Needs a Content Strategy

It’s about time your hospital website got a strategic makeover. A precise and thoughtful strategy produces content that’s organized, on-brand and user-friendly — and it reaps rewards. Patients learn about the care they can access, engage with the hospital brand and continually return to the site. A…


3 Game-Changing Technologies We Saw at SXSW 2023

Photo by Lauren Hartmann GLC Director of Content Strategy Janet Celosia attended SXSW 2023 and shares what she found useful, inspiring and exciting for content marketers at the conference. As part of the GLC content strategy team, I’m always looking for new ideas that can apply to our work in helpin…


Why You Need a Content Strategy for Effective SEO

a pair of binoculars rests on a rock representing the idea of searching

Too many content creators think an effective SEO strategy is to write for SEO, with keyword density, backlinks and other SEO “tricks.” In fact, the most effective content for SEO speaks to an audience and gives them something they need that you can provide. To create this kind of content—and maximiz…


Create a Content Marketing Plan on a Budget

a calendar, clock, calculator and coins represent making a content marketing plan on a budget

Your content marketing plan is crucial to the success of your content efforts. According to HubSpot Blog Research, 39% of marketers say they allocate 31%–50% of their total marketing budget to content marketing. In dollars and cents, that looks like: 38% of organizations spend between $40,000–$100,0…


GPT-3: What Content Marketers Need to Know About This Viral AI

an illustration of robotic hands using a computer keyboard

OpenAI’s ChatGPT (a version of GPT-3) tool went viral for its ability to write myriad posts from only a small amount of input text. By now, more than a million people have used the free artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning tool to make jokes, write TV episodes, compose music, write blog…


How to Create a Content Strategy

Whether you have a strategy or not, your organization is probably creating content—and a lot of it. Yet, nearly 80% of organizations report that they do not have a content strategy when they first come to us. This often leads to inefficiency, inconsistency and ineffective content. Read on to learn w…


How to Refresh Your One-to-One Healthcare Marketing in 2023

an illustration of a doctor welcoming a patient. the patient stands behind a door frame shaped like an H for healthcare

One-to-one healthcare marketing is not a new concept. Ever since customer relationship management (CRM) tools were introduced to the healthcare marketing tech stack, hospitals and health systems have leveraged their databases to mine patient and prospect data for more precise segmentation. Electroni…


A Marketer’s Guide to GA4

illustration of a person looking at data on a computer

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) is Google’s newest analytics tool, and the way it’s designed makes it easier to track your audience’s journey across all platforms—websites, mobile and apps. It has officially replaced Universal Analytics (UA), the default for digital analytics measurement. Starting July 202…


4 Ways Mobile Apps Improve the Patient Experience

healthcare icons are displayed above a smartphone

Ninety-three percent of healthcare execs say mobile apps can help health systems achieve digital strategy goals, according to Gozio’s 2022 “Secrets to Achieving High Mobile Adoption for Patient Engagement” report. And yet, nearly 20% of health systems don’t have a mobile app. The report, which surve…