Why We’re All About Audiences

Last month, GLC unveiled a new website, logo and tagline—Your Audience Awaits. We are excited to share our rebrand and new look with the world, but we’re even more excited about the way we are refocusing our creative thinking on serving audiences.

Like most marketers, we are constantly working toward better understanding the perspective of our clients’ audiences. Everything we create is for them, and the best we can do for them is to recognize what motivates, intrigues and captivates them.

Our CEO, John Cimba, describes it this way: “Marketers must think of their audience as the compass that guides their decisions. You can’t captivate an audience without first understanding them.”

Audiences are dynamic, and understanding them is an ongoing process. Brands that know their audience so well that they can predict and exceed their desires—and keep them coming back for more—will turn their audience into advocates.

Nearly 50% of B2B marketers who outsource say they struggle to find a partner who understands their audience. At GLC, we are committed to being the partner brands turn to, not just when they want their story to be heard, but when they want their story to be retold again and again.

We’ve always emphasized audiences as the foundation of our work with clients, but now it’s more relevant than ever. This approach is both a strong differentiator for us and a benefit for our clients. Now, as audiences are bombarded by media and messaging—much of it with providing little value—we realize our approach is sorely needed in the market.

As audiences continue to evolve in their preferences, behaviors and needs, we look forward to helping brands forge meaningful connections through authentic content that inspires action.

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