Turn Your Publishing Expertise Into Content Marketing Magic

“Content marketing” is fast becoming a buzzword and losing some of its clarity along the way. That’s unfortunate, because it’s worthy of your notice. It isn’t something that only big-budget brands are doing. And it’s not just for marketers, either.

As a publisher, you are exceptionally well positioned to practice content marketing — whether for the benefit of your own organization or for your advertisers, sponsors, and underwriters. Really, content marketing was born as custom publishing. It takes that practice to its next logical step, leveraging content in a variety of forms to reach an audience through various media and to influence their behavior.

“For a publisher, delving into content marketing is rather easy,” says Joe Pulizzi, founder of the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and author of Content Inc. “The publisher is simply offering the publishing services they do for themselves to their clients. Just about all parts of the process are the same, except for the end measurement. Publishers drive revenue directly from the content in some way (subscriptions or advertising). Marketers drive revenue from selling more products and services. That’s literally the only difference.”

If you haven’t added content marketing to your repertoire, you may be missing opportunities to benefit your organization by making it more influential; enabling it to better fulfill its mission; making your sponsors, advertisers, or underwriters more effective; or generating new revenue. That’s worth considering, isn’t it?

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