Healthcare Organizations: Uncover Your Hidden Content

As a healthcare organization, you may not have the manpower or budget to create new content on a regular basis. Your blog sits dormant for sometimes months at a time. Your monthly e-newsletter has found itself on a bi-annual cadence. You get the picture.

The good news is that quality content can multiply, not divide. You’re likely already doing something that can be used to create useful content for your patients, providers and other audiences.

Here are three places to look for hidden content opportunities:

  1. Events
    Events of all kinds are chock-full of content prospects. When one of your hospital leaders or physicians speaks at a conference or other event, record the presentation — even if on a smart phone — and post it on your blog and social channels. Even better: Share video in real time via Facebook Live or Instagram Stories. If your organization offers health and wellness classes, turn class materials into blog posts or articles for your magazine or e-newsletter.
  2. Research 
    Whether it’s outcomes data, research findings or new awards that your hospital has received, you likely have access to some valuable information for your audience. Pull out the most interesting stories from the data and turn them into infographics for your blog, e-newsletter or magazine. No designer on hand? No problem. Text-based pieces can work as an alternative.
  3. Your Staff 
    Your doctors, nurses, dieticians, therapists and other staff may not be professional content creators, but they know your audience base best. Solicit them for new content:
  • Invite select hospital leaders to guest post on your blog or write a column for your magazine.
  • Email staff with a question like, “What’s your best tip for fighting colds during cold and flu season?”, “What’s a great healthy seasonal recipe?” or “How can kids avoid athletic injuries?” Compile a sampling of answers in a blog post or for use in your e-newsletter.
  • Ask staff to submit short “getting to know you” videos — who they are, what they like most working in healthcare and the like — and use on your social channels.

Partnering with your staff for new content has dual benefits: It yields quality content that your audience will find interesting and valuable — and it creates a personal connection between your organization and your audience.

Where are the hidden content opportunities in your organization?