Healthcare Content Tips Beyond COVID-19

While it may seem difficult to think beyond today, as healthcare marketing communications professionals we must try to imagine the future. That means continuing to share stories of hope and general care capabilities, especially as certain services and procedures safely start up again.

To that end, we’ve gathered some advice for restarting your non-COVID-19 communications.

When is it OK to promote non-COVID-19 content?

  • The time is now to review and realign your current content marketing plans for all of your digital and print communications.
  • You also have consumers’ attention due to the pandemic. Don’t lose hold of their connection.
  • Consider having your CEO, chief medical officer and chief nursing officer provide updates on re-opened services and programs, and remind consumers that you are their health care provider during and after this crisis. Consumers need to be reassured that all their health care needs beyond COVID-19 can be met.

What non-COVID-19 stories will start filling the marketing funnel?

  • Every organization is unique, but in general, orthopedics, sports medicine, bariatrics, cancer, primary care and cardiac topics/stories will be effective.
  • If you create non-COVID-19 patient stories during this pandemic, make sure the service line represented is still providing service during this time.
  • Entertain consumers with great health topics that inspire positivity: family fun activities both inside and outside, how to connect virtually with friends and family, exercise ideas, recipes and more.

What potential content may come out of the COVID-19 crisis?

  • Healthcare heroes: within the hospital’s walls and within your community
  • Patient success stories: those who survived COVID-19 with and without co-morbid conditions
  • Telehealth options and success stories
  • Stories of innovation at your hospital (i.e., COVID-19 testing, antibody studies)

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