Content Tips in the Midst of COVID-19

At GLC, we help our clients communicate stories every day. The channel never really matters — it’s all about the message.

In the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic, those messages are more important than ever as hungry audiences seek information on everything from Coronavirus symptoms to tips for staying sane while working remotely (and homeschooling at the same time). Readers need trustworthy, relevant, credible content and sound guidance to empower them and reassure them.

We’ve brainstormed five ideas to help generate relevant, actionable COVID-19 content for your audiences.

1.    Symptoms & Medical Help

Coronavirus symptoms and testing is one of the most searched Google terms from the past week. Have your staff put together a simple video guide or checklist, or send readers to this CDC page, which is updated daily at noon, or these resources from the American Medical Association.

2.    Practicing Self Care

This outbreak may be stressful and produce anxiety for some people. Offering your audience simple ideas for easing stress, like taking breaks from watching the news, going outside for fresh air and practicing activities that you enjoy, can help them. Psychology Today offers other tips you can use like meditating, taking a bath, journaling and connecting with friends. The World Health Organization also offers self-care strategies.

3.    Maintaining Productivity & Sanity

For some of your audience, working from home — and simultaneously taking care of children — is uncharted territory. Help them out with content that puts things in perspective, like sticking with their routines, creating comfortable work spaces, preparing for distractions and mixing up work hours if possible. Free educational resources for kids can be found here, thanks to We Are Teachers, and math resources for kids are available thanks to The Actuarial Foundation. Work-from-home professionals, for whom this is business as usual, offer more advice here and here.

4.    Networking During a Crisis

Crisis or not, human connection is still key. Give your audience more opportunities to connect with your organization via your website, social media channels, e-newsletters, podcasts or webinars. We’re all in this together — but it really does help to have social outlets, even if it’s just to commiserate.

5.   Easy, Healthy Recipes

Recipes marry beautiful, refreshing imagery with healthy habits at the same time. Consider offering quick recipe tips — like those offered from Well Fed Me — to help your audience stay well and feel productive while preparing meals at home. Here are three free recipes to get you started.

Asian Lettuce Wraps

Upside Down Wilted Spinach Salad

Quick and Healthy Breakfast Burritos

Do you have additional ideas about relevant COVID-19 content for your audiences? Please share below!

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