400+ Content Ideas for Every Healthcare Observance

Healthcare observance days, weeks and months are a perfect opportunity to use content marketing to raise awareness about your organization, providers, services and specialties. But coming up with interesting ways to celebrate observances while still providing value to your audience is tough. Use the list below to start filling out your content calendar, and spend less time planning and more time executing.

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January Healthcare Observances

Cervical Cancer Awareness Month

  • Can HPV Cause Cervical Cancer?
  • When and Why to Get a Pap Test

Glaucoma Awareness Month

  • At What Age Should You Get Tested for Glaucoma?

Medical Travel Month

  • Spotlight on: regional or national accolades, making your hospital a destination for care
  • Out-of-town Patient Testimonial
  • Tips for Patients and Families Traveling for Medical Care

Radon Awareness Month

  • What Is Radon, and How Does It Impact Health?
  • How to Protect Your Family from Radon
  • How to Test for Radon in Your Home
  • Radon and Lung Cancer: Understanding the Link

25th — IV Nurse Day

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial
  • Continuing Education Opportunities for IV Nurses

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BONUS: New Year’s Resolutions

  • Tips for Keeping Your Health Resolutions
  • Resolve to Get Screened for [Insert Condition]
  • Dry January: Unexpected Health Benefits of Cutting Out Alcohol

February Healthcare Observances

 American Heart Month

  • Heart-healthy Recipes
  • Exercise for Cardiovascular Health
  • Critical Heart Health Screenings and When to Get Them
  • Heart Disease FAQs
  • How to Spot a Stroke and/or Heart Attack
  • Signs and Symptoms: How Women’s Heart Disease Differs from Men

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Kids ENT Health Month

  • Symptom-based Decision Tree for Parents and Guardians
  • Ear Tube FAQ
  • Signs of an Ear Infection in Your Baby
  • Tonsillitis FAQ

Wise Healthcare Consumer Month

  • X Questions Doctors Wish Patients Would Ask
  • X Questions to Ask at Your Next Doctor’s Appointment
  • Improve Your Health Literacy: Common Terms Doctors Want You to Know
  • What to Bring to Your Annual Health Exam

3rd — National Women Physician Day

  • Employee Spotlight

6th-12th — Peri-Anesthesia Nurse Week

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial
  • X Reasons to Become a Peri-Anesthesia Nurse

12th-18th — Sepsis Survivor Week

  • Patient Testimonial
  • What Is Sepsis?
  • What to Know About Post Sepsis Syndrome

13th-17th — Phlebotomists’ Recognition Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Blood Transfusion Patient Testimonial
  • Why Phlebotomy Is a Great Foundation for Medical Assisting

13th-19th — Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Awareness Week

  • Signs and Symptoms of DMD

14th-20th — Cardiovascular Professionals Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial
  • Research/Author or Clinical Trial Highlight

17th — National Caregivers Day

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Foundation Spotlight on Employee Development Fund

Feb. 23rd– Mar. 1st — National Eating Disorders Awareness Week

  • How to Talk to Your Teen About Eating Disorders
  • X Ways to Help Your Child Develop a Healthy Body Image

March Healthcare Observances

Brain Injury Awareness Month

  • X Ways to Improve Your Balance and Prevent Falls As You Age
  • How to Reduce Fall Risks at Home
  • X Common Culprits of Childhood Head Injuries and How to Prevent Them
  • Bicycle Basics to Keep the Whole Family Safe
  • How to Choose the Right Helmet

Breathe Better, Sleep Better Month

  • Sleep Hygiene Tips
  • What Your Snoring Says About Your Health
  • How to Know If an At-Home Sleep Test Is Right for You
  • Breathing Techniques for Better Sleep
  • Will Nasal Strips Help You Sleep at Night?

Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month

  • When to Get Screened for Colon Cancer
  • How to Choose the Colon Cancer Screening Method That’s Right for You

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month & MS Awareness Week (12th-18th)

  • Signs and Symptoms of MS
  • X Ways to Ease Spasticity Without Medication

National Nutrition Month

  • Healthy Food Swaps Kids Will Love
  • 15-Minute Healthy Breakfast Ideas
  • Myths and Facts About Elimination Diets
  • How Your Diet Can Affect Your Mood
  • X Super Foods to Add to Your Diet

Save Your Vision Month

  • X Surprising Ways to Keep Your Eyes Sharp
  • X Tips to Keep Your Eyes Healthy as You Age
  • Diabetes Management Tips to Save Your Eyesight
  • Sun Safety: Don’t Forget to Protect Your Eyes

1st — Baby Sleep Day

  • How Much Sleep Your Baby Needs by Age
  • Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night
  • X Ways to Prevent SIDS
  • Tips to Make Your Baby’s Bedtime Restful and Relaxing
  • Pros and Cons of Sleep Training
  • How to Swaddle a Baby Just Right

3rd-9th — Endometriosis Awareness Week

  • Signs and Symptoms of Endometriosis
  • Can Endometriosis Affect Fertility?

5th-11th — Dental Assistants Recognition Week

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Continuing Education Opportunities for Dental Assistants

15th-19th — Health Care HR Week

  • HR Professional/Department Spotlight
  • Company Culture Spotlight
  • Highlight on Education or Training Partnerships (e.g., career schools, teaching hospitals, certification programs)
  • The Top 10 Reasons to Pursue a Career in Healthcare
  • Managing Healthcare Professional Burn Out

19th-25th — National Poison Prevention Week

  • X Easy Changes to Make Your Home Poison-proof
  • Poisonous Plants and Animals to Avoid While Camping and Hiking

20th-26th — National Drug and Alcohol Facts Week

  • Is Red Wine Good for Your Health?
  • Can Secondhand Vapor Affect Your Health?
  • How to Talk to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol by Age
  • Signs Your Child Might Be Using Substances
  • Is Smoking/Vaping Safe While Pregnant?

24th — World Tuberculosis Day

  • How COVID-19 Has Impacted the Fight Against Tuberculosis

April Healthcare Observances

Defeat Diabetes Month

  • X Ways to Manage Your Diabetes with Your Diet

Health Care Thought Leadership and Innovation Month

  • Spotlight on: awards your organization has won
  • Spotlight on: research being conducted by your organization or staff
  • Spotlight on: clinical trials

IBS Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of IBS
  • IBS vs. IBD: What’s the Difference?

National Donate Life Month

  • Donor/Recipient Patient Testimonial
  • X Ways Donating Blood Can Save Lives

National Facial Protection Month

  • When Should I Wear a Mouth Guard?
  • Sport Safety Equipment to Protect Your Child’s Smile

National Limb Loss and Limb Difference Awareness Month

  • Patient Testimonial
  • Resources for Families Dealing With Limb Loss and Limb Difference
  • Coping With Limb Loss and Limb Difference

Occupational Therapy Month

  • Patient Testimonial
  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • What Can Occupational Therapy Do for You?

Parkinson’s Awareness Month & World Parkinson’s Day (11th)

  • What Is Parkinson’s Disease?
  • Conditions That Mimic Parkinson’s Disease
  • Who Is at Risk for Parkinson’s Disease

Rosacea Awareness Month

  • What Is Rosacea?
  • X Rosacea Triggers That Can Cause Flare-Ups

World Autism Awareness & Acceptance Month & Autism Awareness Day (2nd)

  • What Is Autism?
  • X Early Signs of Autism in Children
  • How to Prepare Your Child on the Spectrum for a Doctor’s Appointment

10th — National Youth HIV & AIDS Day

  • What HIV-Positive Expectant Mothers Can Do to Reduce the Risk of Transmission to Their Babies
  • What Does It Mean to Be Undetectable?

11th-17th — Black Maternal Health Week

  • X Self-Care Practices That Are Good for Mommy Mind and Body
  • Provider Spotlight: Black OBGYNs, MFMs, GPs, etc.
  • Finding a Community-Based Midwife and Doula

16th-22nd — Pediatric Sepsis Week

  • Signs and Symptoms of Neonatal and Later Childhood Sepsis
  • How Vaccines Help Prevent Pediatric Sepsis

18th-24th — Health Information Professionals Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • EMR overview and feature Spotlight

23rd-29th — Medical Laboratory Professionals Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • X Ways a Blood Test Can Spot Health Issues

23rd-29th — Patient Experience Week

  • Patient Testimonial(s)
  • X Ways [Your Organization] Elevates Patient Experience

April 24th-May 1st — Transplant Nurses Week

  • Employee Spotlight

April 24th-May 1st — National Infant Immunization Week

  • Baby Immunization Chart
  • X Immunization-Preventable Diseases to Vaccinate Your Baby Against

May Healthcare Observances

American Stroke Month

  • How to Spot a Stroke
  • Who Should Take Aspirin to Prevent Strokes?
  • How Does Family History Impact Stroke Risk?
  • X Ways to Lower Your Risk of Stroke

Arthritis Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Arthritis
  • Can Kids Get Arthritis?

Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month & World Asthma Day (2nd)

  • Signs and Symptoms of Asthma
  • Can I Develop Asthma As an Adult?
  • Indoor vs. Outdoor Allergies: What’s the Difference?
  • Food Allergies vs. Food Sensitivities: What’s the Difference?
  • Living With Asthma
  • X Tips to Manage Your Asthma With an Active Lifestyle

Celiac Disease Awareness Month

  • Celiac Disease vs. Gluten Sensitivity: What’s the Difference?
  • Signs and Symptoms of Celiac Disease

Cystic Fibrosis Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Cystic Fibrosis
  • X Foods High in Healthy Fats That Are Good for CF

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

  • X Ideas to Add More Physical Activity to Your Daily Life
  • X At-home, Equipment-free Exercises to Try Today
  • X Easy Meals for Busy Professionals

Hepatitis Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis
  • Can Hepatitis Be Prevented with a Vaccine?

High Blood Pressure Education Month

  • Understanding Your Blood Pressure Reading
  • X Factors That Influence Your Blood Pressure

Huntington’s Disease Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Huntington’s Disease

Lupus Awareness Month & World Lupus Day (10th)

  • Signs and Symptoms of Lupus
  • X Ways to Manage Lupus Flare-Ups

Lyme Disease Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Lyme Disease
  • Tick Safety Tips for Warm Weather

Melanoma Skin Cancer Month

  • Skin Cancer ABDEs (How to Spot a Suspicious Mole)
  • Sun Safety Tips for the Summer

Mental Health Month

  • Learn to Meditate in 5 Easy Steps
  • Understanding the Difference Between Depression and Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • How to Help Kids Maintain Good Mental Health

National Critical Care Awareness and Recognition Month

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Where to Go for Care infographic

National Osteoporosis Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Osteoporosis
  • X Ways to Strengthen Your Bones and Fight Osteoporosis

National Nurses Month, Week (6th-12th) & Day (6th)

  • Employee Spotlight(s)
  • How Nurses Support Our Healthcare Institutions

Neurofibromatosis (NF) Awareness Month & Day (17th)

  • What is Neurofibromatosis?
  • Signs and Symptoms of NF

Oncology Nurses Month

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Feature on Cancer Navigators

Workers’ Compensation Advocacy Awareness Month

  • Why Worker Mental Health Is Just As Important to Physical Health

7th-13th — National Hospital Week

  • Employee Spotlight(s)
  • Awards/Achievements/Recognition Spotlight

8th-13th — National Stuttering Awareness Week

  • Stuttering Support: Where to Get Help and Resources

14th-20th — Healthcare Documentation Integrity Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

14th-20th — Maternal Sepsis Week

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Maternal Sepsis

14th-20th — National Skilled Nursing Care Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • What Is Skilled Nursing?
  • How Skilled Nursing Improves Patient Outcomes

14th-20th — National Women’s Health Week

  • How Women’s Heart Health Differs from Men
  • The X Physicians Every Woman Should See
  • Breast, Ovarian and Uterine Cancer Screening Guidelines

14th-20th — Neuroscience Nurses Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial

June Healthcare Observances

Cataract Awareness Month

  • What Are Cataracts?
  • Signs and Symptoms of Cataracts
  • The Link Between Cataracts and Dementia

Liver Health Matters Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Liver Disease
  • X Foods to Eat for Liver Health
  • How Alcohol Affects Your Liver

Men’s Health Month & Week (12th-18th)

  • Prostate Cancer Screening Guidelines
  • X Questions to Ask at Your Next Physical
  • Top X Health Risks for Men
  • X Diseases More Common Among Men Than Women

National Migraine and Headache Awareness Month

  • X Types of Headaches and What Causes Them
  • Migraines vs. Headaches: What’s the Difference?

National Scoliosis Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Scoliosis

PTSD Awareness Month & Day (27th)

  • Signs and Symptoms of PTSD
  • How to Offer Support to Someone Dealing with PTSD
  • Living With PTSD

Scleroderma Awareness Month

  • What Is Scleroderma
  • Signs and Symptoms of Scleroderma
  • Living With Scleroderma

2nd — #HAVhope (Hospitals Against Violence) Day of Awareness

  • Domestic Violence Resources
  • How to Support a Victim of Violence
  • X Ways to Prevent Violence at Home and in Your Community

4th — National Cancer Survivors Day

  • Patient Testimonial
  • Spotlight on Oncology Department

7th — Global Running Day

  • X Fun Places to Go for a Run with Kids
  • Neighborhood Run Scavenger Hunt

12th-18th — Community Health Improvement Week

  • X Ideas for Fun Family Physical Activity
  • Health Screening Guidelines for Every Age

15th-21st — National Nursing Assistants Week

  • Employee Spotlight

19th-23rd — Healthcare Risk Management Week

  • The 3 Blood Tests Every Adult Should Have

19th — World Sickle Cell Awareness Day

  • Signs and Symptoms of Sickle Cell Disease

July Healthcare Observances

Cord Blood Awareness Month

  • X Amazing Reasons to Preserve Cord Blood

Minority Mental Health Awareness Month

  • Why Mental Health Is Just As Important As Physical Health
  • How to Find a Culturally Affirming Mental Health Provider

UV Safety Awareness Month

  • Understanding the Link Between the Sun and Skin Cancer
  • How to Choose the Right Sunglasses

9th-15th — National Therapeutic Recreation Week

  • How Can Art and Music Therapy Improve Mental Health?

August Healthcare Observances

Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month

  • Choosing the Right Eye Protection for Your Young Athlete

National Eye Exam Month

  • Why Eye Exams Are So Important for People With Diabetes
  • Why Eye Exams Are So Important for People With Melanoma

National Immunization Awareness Month

  • X Preventable Diseases to Protect Your Child From
  • X Vaccine Myths Debunked

Neurosurgical Awareness Month

  • What to Look for When Choosing a Neurosurgery Provider and Facility
  • The Role of a Neurosurgeon on Your Healthcare Team

Psoriasis Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Psoriasis

Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of SMA

1st-7th — World Breastfeeding Week

  • Benefits of Breastmilk for You and Your Baby
  • How a Breastfeeding Consultant Can Support You and Your Baby

6th-12th — National Health Center Week

  • Awards/Achievements/Recognition Spotlight
  • Facility Amenities Spotlight

23rd-29th — Health Unit Coordinator Recognition Week

  • Employee Spotlight

September Healthcare Observances

Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Pediatric Oncology Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Resources for Families Fighting Childhood Cancer
  • X Most Common Childhood Cancers

Drug-Free Pain Management Awareness Month

  • X Stretches and Exercises for Pain Relief
  • Nerve Blocks: What Are They and Are They Right for You?
  • X Ways to Relieve Pain Without Medication

Gene Therapy and Specialty Pharmacy Rx Awareness Month

  • What Is Gene Therapy?
  • X Diseases Being Treated/Studied With Gene Therapy

Global Pulmonary Fibrosis Awareness Month

  • Signs & Symptoms of Pulmonary Fibrosis
  • What Is Pulmonary Fibrosis?

Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Who Should Get Screened for Cervical Cancer?
  • X Symptoms of Cancer to Tell Your Gynecologist About
  • How Do Contraceptives Impact Your Cancer Risk?

Leukemia and Lymphoma Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Leukemia
  • Signs and Symptoms of Lymphoma

National Cholesterol Education Month

  • LDL vs. HDL: What’s the Difference?

National Infant Mortality Awareness Month

  • X Ways to Prevent Infant Mortality

National Food Safety Education Month

  • Food Storage Tips
  • Food Safety Basics for Every Household

National Sickle Cell Disease Awareness Month

  • Living With Sickle Cell Disease

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • What Is Prostate Cancer?
  • When Should Men Get Screened for Prostate Cancer?

Sepsis Awareness Month

  • Survivor Testimonial
  • What Is Sepsis?

Suicide Prevention Month, Week (10th-16th) & Day (10th)

  • Suicide Warning Signs
  • How to Talk to Your Child About Suicide

Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Thyroid Cancer to Tell Your Doctor About

3rd-9th — Vascular Nurses Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

8th — World Physical Therapy Day

  • The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery
  • What Can a Physical Therapist Do for You?

9th — Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders Awareness Day

  • Understanding the 3 Types of FAS

10th-16th — Environmental Services Week

  • Spotlight on COVID Protocols and Health and Safety Procedures
  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Amenity/Feature Highlight

10th-16th — National Assisted Living Week

  • Assisted Living vs. Nursing Homes: What’s the Difference?

10th-16th — Nursing Professional Development Week

  • Certifications to Grow Your Nursing Career
  • Is the Nurse Practitioner Pathway Right for You?
  • From the Bedside to the Boardroom: Exploring the Nurse Leadership Pathway

11th-17th — Neonatal Nurses Week & Day (15th)

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Family Testimonial

17th — National Physician Suicide Awareness Day

  • X Signs of Physician Burnout
  • Mental Health Resources for Healthcare Professionals

17th-23rd — International Clean Hands Week

  • How to Wash Your Hands Like a Pro
  • Soap or Hand Sanitizer: Which Is Better at Killing Germs?

17th-23rd — National Surgical Technologists Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

17th-23rd — Telehealth Awareness Week™

  • Where to Go for Care/When Can Telehealth Benefit You?

20th — National Addiction Professionals Day

  • Employee/Program Spotlight
  • Smoking Cessation

21st — World Alzheimer’s Day

  • Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • How to Talk to Children About Alzheimer’s Disease

October Healthcare Observances

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • How to Do a Breast Self-Exam
  • Signs and Symptoms of Breast Cancer
  • Understanding Genetic Testing for Cancer

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  • Recognizing Domestic Violence Among Friends and Loved Ones
  • How to Help a Victim of Domestic Violence

Down Syndrome Awareness Month

  • Resources for Parents of Children with Down Syndrome

Health Literacy Month

  • What’s That Mean? A Healthcare Dictionary for Patients
  • X Questions to Ask at Your Next Checkup

Healthy Lung Month

  • How to Talk to Your Child About Vaping
  • Smoking Cessation Program Spotlight
  • Lung Cancer Screening Guide

Medical Ultrasound Awareness Month

  • X Reasons You Might Get an Ultrasound
  • How Ultrasounds Improve Breast Cancer Screening

National Bullying Prevention Month

  • How to Talk to Your Child About Peer Pressure
  • Tips to Teach Your Child Kindness and Compassion

National Chiropractic Health Month

  • Chiropractor vs. Physical Therapist: What’s the Difference?
  • What Can a Chiropractor Do for You?

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

  • Employee Spotlight

National Physical Therapy Month

  • X Ways Physical Therapy Can Help You Live a Happier, More Active Life
  • How Physical Therapy Can Help Seniors Stay Independent

National Spina Bifida Awareness Month

  • Spina Bifida Diagnosis and Treatment
  • Patient Testimonial

SIDS Awareness Month

  • Safe Sleeping Positions for Babies

Talk About Your Medicines Month

  • X Helpful Tools to Keep You on Schedule with Your Medication
  • The Dangers of Mixing Medication and Substances

1st-7th — Mental Illness Awareness Week

  • How to Support a Friend or Family Member Who Discloses Their Mental Illness to You
  • X Myths About Mental Illness Busted

1st-7th — National Healthcare Supply Chain Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Supplier Partner Spotlight

5th — National Depression Screening Day

  • Depression vs. “the Blues”: What’s the Difference?
  • Tips to Combat Depression with Lifestyle Changes

6th — World Cerebral Palsy Day

  • Signs & Symptoms of CP
  • Patient/Family Testimonial

6th-12th — National Physician Assistant Week

  • Employee Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial

8th-14th — Emergency Nurses Week & Day (11th)

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

8th-14th — Fire Prevention Week

  • The Top Causes of Household Fires and How to Prevent Them
  • Fire Safety Tips to Protect Kids from Burns

8th-14th — Sterile Processing Professionals Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

9th-13th — National Dialysis Technician Recognition Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial

10th — World Mental Health Day

  • X Ways to Add Mindfulness to Your Routine
  • X Habits That Could Be Adding Stress to Your Life

13th — Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day

  • Surveillance Saves Lives: Importance of Mammograms
  • Treatments for Metastatic Breast Cancer

15th-21st — International Infection Prevention Week

  • First Aid ABCs
  • How to Treat Minor Cuts, Scrapes, Burns and Bites at Home

18th — National Medical Assistants Day

  • Employee Spotlight

20th — National Mammography Day

  • Patient Testimonial
  • Mammography vs. Ultrasound vs. MRI: Which Is Right for Me?

20th — World Osteoporosis Day

  • X Calcium-Rich Foods to Combat Osteoporosis

22nd — International Stuttering Awareness Day

  • How to Be an Ally and Support Someone Who Stutters

22nd-28th — National Health Care Facilities and Engineering Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

22nd-28th — National Respiratory Care Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • How to Protect Your Child from RSV

23rd-31st — Red Ribbon Week

  • Tips for Talking to Kids About Drugs
  • How to Help a Friend or Family Member Struggling with Addiction

28th — National Internal Medicine Day

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial

November Healthcare Observances

American Diabetes Month, Diabetic Eye Disease Month and World Diabetes Day (14th)

  • Early Warning Signs of Diabetes
  • How Smoking Impacts Diabetes Management
  • X Diet and Exercise Tips to Help Manage Your Diabetes

COPD Awareness Month & World COPD Day (17th)

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Lifestyle Changes to Prevent COPD
  • What Is COPD?

Lung Cancer Awareness Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer
  • How Quitting Smoking Can Cut Your Lung Cancer Risk

Mouth Cancer Action Month

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Mouth Cancer
  • The Link Between Tobacco and Mouth Cancer Risk

National Epilepsy Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Epilepsy
  • How to Help Someone Who Is Having a Seizure

National Family Caregivers Month

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial

National Healthy Skin Month

  • Wound Care Spotlight
  • X Foods That Can Support Healthy Skin

National Hospice and Palliative Care Month

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • Patient Testimonial
  • What Is Palliative Care?
  • The Truth About X Common Palliative Care Myths

National Marrow Awareness Month

  • X Amazing Ways Donated Bone Marrow Can Save a Life

Prematurity Awareness Month

  • How Smoking Can Affect Prematurity
  • Know Your Risk for Preterm Birth

Pulmonary Hypertension Awareness Month

  • Signs and Symptoms of Pulmonary Hypertension
  • Pulmonary Hyper Tension vs. High Blood Pressure: What’s the Difference?

Stomach Cancer Awareness Month®

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Stomach Cancer You Shouldn’t Disregard

5th-11th — National Allied Health Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

5th-11th — National Diabetes Education Week

  • Know Your ABCs: A1C, Blood Sugar and Cholesterol
  • X Ways to Empower Young Adults to Manage Their Diabetes

5th-11th — National Patient Transport Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

5th-11th — National Radiologic Technology Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • The Role of a Radiologist on Your Care Team

12th-18th — National Nurse Practitioner Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight
  • What Can a Nurse Practitioner Do for You?

12th-18th — Perioperative Nurse Week

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

12th — World Pneumonia Day

  • Survivor Spotlight
  • Signs and Symptoms of Pneumonia

14th — Operating Room Nurse Day

  • Employee/Department Spotlight

16th — Great American Smokeout

  • How to Get Help Quitting Smoking

19th-25th — GERD Awareness Week

  • Signs and Symptoms of GERD

December Healthcare Observances

Give the Gift of Sight Month

  • X Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy
  • How Organ Donation Can Give the Gift of Sight

1st — World AIDS Day

  • Survivor Spotlight

3rd — International Day of Persons with Disabilities

  • Spotlight on Facilities Accessibility

3rd-9th — National Handwashing Awareness Week

  • X Ways Handwashing Saves Lives

3rd-9th — National Influenza Vaccination Week

  • Flu Shot FAQs
  • Why Do I Need a Flu Shot Every Year?

31st — New Year’s Eve – Quit Smoking Resolutions

  • X Surprising Ways Quitting Smoking Can Improve Your Health