ASAE Annual: 7 Sessions You Can’t Miss

It’s that exciting time of year again! The ASAE Annual Meeting runs from August 20–23 in Nashville. GLC will be exhibiting at booth 1810, and while we’re there, we’re looking forward to learning from association experts. Here’s a peek at our can’t-miss list of the sessions each day.

1. Preconference: Building a Fit-for-Purpose Association Board in The Turbulent Twenties

Saturday, August 20 | 1:004:00 p.m.

We’ll learn more about what is required from boards and the next practices to put in place to help your boards navigate an irrevocably altered world with greater capability and confidence. This interactive masterclass will challenge the association community’s powerful beliefs about boards, the work they do and how they perform.

2. Anatomy of a Successful Association Mentoring Program

Sunday, August 21 | 3:304:30 p.m.

We’ll learn more about the findings from ASAE’S Marketing Advisory Council Subcommittee on Mentoring through in-depth interviews with the leaders of association mentoring programs. At the end of this session, we will learn more about what makes a successful program and the challenges that can potentially arise through mentorship programs.

3. Strategic Planning with Your Team—Engaged, Invested and Fully Remote!

Sunday, August 21 | 2:002:20 p.m.

We’ll learn how to gather input and hear from all perspectives to keep team members engaged during remote strategic planning sessions. At the end of the session, we’ll understand how to leverage the right technology to encourage interactivity and creativity.

4. Using Futures Thinking to Make Better Decisions Today

Monday, August 22 | 10:0011:00 p.m.

Through this session, we’ll hear from four experienced association executives who have embraced and integrated futures thinking into their associations. We’ll learn how to proactively lead a board toward a future mindset, the power and importance of scenario planning, and contingency planning and risk mitigation.

5. Associations’ Role in the Future of Work

Monday, August 22 | 2:303:30 p.m.

In this session, we’ll hear from three of the foremost thought leaders on the future of work for associations, and what their role is in that. At the end of this session, we’ll gain a greater understanding of workforce conversations outside the association sector and learn how to participate in those conversations effectively.

6. Shifting Power Dynamics: Finding Strength & Balance in Your Association

Tuesday, August 23 | 9:0010:00 a.m.

In this session, we will learn how organizations approach the critical dynamic of associations, focusing on the recalibration of systems of authority and power. Gain insight into power dynamics and discover where opportunities exist to achieve a healthier balance of power to amplify the mission while informing an upcoming study by the ASAE Research Foundation.

7. The End of Expertise and How Associations Must Adapt

Tuesday, August 23 | 10:3011:30 a.m.

We’ll hear from a panel of C-suite executives on how their associations are responding to Americans’ changing feelings toward experts. They’ll share how they are modifying their services to maintain credibility and retain trust, in addition to what they’re doing to keep their organization’s safe spaces for facts, open discussion and expertise.

Check out the full agenda for the ASAE conference here. And be sure to stop by the GLC Booth, #1810!