5 Ways to Maximize Your Conference Content 

With keynote addresses, educational sessions and valuable networking, conferences are brimming with content opportunities. These events are the perfect place for like-minded individuals and teams to meet, learn and explore new ideas. While most associations have mastered the conference recap, this is just grazing the surface of event content opportunities.

Here are some tips to maximize the content from in-person events.

1. Preview the value of the conference.

Before the first conference day arrives, give members a glimpse at what they can look forward to at the event. What can they get excited about learning at the informative sessions? How can you highlight the presenters and keynote speakers with interviews or bios? Another important modern-day detail to include is the health and safety precautions that will be in place during the event.

2. Give daily updates.

Along with an in-depth, post-conference recap, short daily summaries in newsletters or blog posts are valuable for members who aren’t attending. These recaps can be quick, bulleted lists summarizing the main points of a session or demonstration, or they can be a more general overview of the day. For in-person attendees, a show daily can be a great resource.

3. Share highlights on social media.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are platforms to draw attention to your conference. Slideshows, video montages or a stylized image featuring a speaker’s powerful quote are all ways to grab users’ attention and direct them to more in-depth content about the event. For attention-grabbing, real-time sessions, stream them on Facebook Live or Instagram Live.

4. Repurpose the conference content.

To reach the largest audience, revamp your content for different channels. The information from one education session can turn into a blog post, video and/or podcast. For podcasts: If the session had visual elements, you can host an episode about the topic using sound bites of the session. Add them to your content library or online learning portal.

5. Use conference content experts in other content channels.

Keep your eye out for future content ideas and people who can serve as sources. Conferences are packed with invaluable nuggets of information, so pay attention to what’s grabbing your attendees’ attention. And be sure to utilize thought leaders. Can you pull any experts aside for a 15-minute Q&A or grab a quote for an in-the-works blog post or magazine feature? With so much expertise at your fingertips, don’t be afraid to tap into it.

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