4 Social Media Marketing Trends to Harness Today

While many popular social media platforms remain on brands’ and users’ radars this year, the way we use them is constantly evolving, particularly when new algorithms or changes are introduced. Here are four ways you can boost your social media marketing strategy based on today’s trends.

  1. Broaden the value of social across the customer lifecycle
    According to Hootsuite, 28 percent of users use social media for product research, and social is starting to overtake search engines. Keep your social media accounts up-to-date with product or service information, releases and sneak peeks for consumers at the beginning of their search. You should also be available and responsive on social when consumers have questions, comments or complaints, as consumers are more likely to trust a brand that replies to both positive and negative feedback.
  2. Become a broadcaster
    More consumers are watching videos on mobile, and social networks offer opportunities for brands to advance their marketing strategies by creating new forms of entertainment and programming. For example, you can use Facebook Live for a product launch rather than have consumers read about it, or create social-only video content that you broadcast solely on Snapchat or Twitter. Live video is also good for Q&A sessions or just to “hang out” with your followers.
  3. Engage through influencers
    As public trust in CEOs, government officials and corporations declines, consumers are putting more faith in their peers and academic and technical experts. Therefore, businesses that put their people—employees, advocates, customer communities and influencers—at the center of their marketing strategy will likely meet more success. You can build advocate communities through Facebook Groups, or have influencers take over your Snapchat or Instagram Stories for the day.
  4. Incorporate artificial intelligence and automation
    From posting regularly and responding to comments to reviewing social data, including social media in your marketing strategy is a time investment. Consider using AI chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service—Facebook is already making it easy by including bots in its Messenger platform. You can also use software such as Buffer, Sprout Social and Hootsuite to draft and schedule social posts that can be deployed automatically at any given time.

Whether you’re new to social media or already on multiple platforms, including social in your overall content marketing strategy is an important step in reaching your audience where they’re at. Not every platform or feature will be right for every brand, but hopefully keeping an eye on the trends will inspire you to evolve your strategy along with the times.