4 Compelling and Cost-Effective Video Marketing Ideas

Big brands are increasingly drawn to creating short films and web series for video marketing. Take Panera’s original series Food Interrupted, for example, or Urban Outfitters and Reebok’s co-branded Club C YouTube series. It makes sense, considering that video is projected to represent 82% of all internet traffic by 2022, according to research by Interdigital and Futuresource.

While not all brands have the resources to create short films or a regular web series, video marketing is not as out of reach as it may seem. Here are some low-hanging video ideas to start rolling your cameras without breaking your budget:

Put a face to your brand with fun, light-hearted videos.

You can create a web or social media “series” on just about anything. Funny or endearing entertainment, like this set by Ethan for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA), helps build affinity for your brand.

Use customer testimonials to prove that your products or services deliver on your promise.

Especially after a year of Zoom meetings, self-captured video is A-OK. Watch how American Medical Technologists (AMT) weaved user-generated content to convey the value of its credentials.

Convey authenticity by spotlighting employees.

It’s easy for consumers to view your organization as a disembodied entity, so there’s no better way to dispel that notion than with real people. The National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA) celebrated employees during Pride Month, but you can highlight employees every month who live your values, show excellent customer service or have an interesting story to tell.

Show your expertise and build trust with ask-me-anything events.

Making a subject matter expert or leader from your organization available for questions is a great way to engage with customers and consumers, and it provides an excellent opportunity to demonstrate value. See how CGH Medical Center uses a live Q&A to answer patients’ pressing medical questions.