3 Brand-boosting Reasons to Publish an E-newsletter

E-newsletters are one of the most effective and simplest ways to keep your audience engaged, informed and most important, active. E-newsletters are so much more than just email marketing. They are a direct-to-consumer vehicle for your message that is essential to your communication strategy.

Here are three reasons why e-newsletters should be at the top of your marketing plan:

1. E-newsletters humanize your brand.

E-newsletters are a reliable, consistent source of communication between brand and consumer. Maintaining a consistent cadence with your newsletter builds a trusted, standing relationship that feels more personal and reliable than a social media post.

TIP: Be strategic about your sender name. Including the name of your organization in the sender name is imperative for brand recognition. If you’re in a B2B market, you might consider adding a personal touch by adding your first name or the first name of someone in your organization (e.g., Jane at GLC). According to digital marketing software company Sendinblue, personalizing the sender name boosts relationship-building in B2B sales.

2. E-newsletters help you nurture leads.

If you’ve earned the right to email your audience, chances are you delivered a pretty good experience at some point in the past. An e-newsletter is a great way to nurture that lead by continuing the conversation. Use your newsletters to inform your audience of new products, services, perks and policies. Depending on the sophistication of your email marketing technology, you can even use data to personalize your newsletters based on your audience’s preferences and position in your marketing funnel.

3. E-newsletters strengthen your reputation as a thought leader.

With each edition, aim to offer your subscribers valuable information that helps them make informed decisions, live healthier lives or work more efficiently. Bolster your reputation as a trusted advisor, and foster brand affinity. E-newsletters provide information, reminders and insider scoops that are relevant, engaging and important to your audience. They are a short, but sweet, way to retain subscriptions, increase engagement and build a community. When in doubt, your audience always has a place to go for more information and interaction with your brand.

Now that you know what an e-newsletter can do for your association, it’s time to format your newsletter in the most effective and click-worthy way. Read our post on 3 Ways to Make Your e-Newsletter Stand Out.