Content Metrics and Analytics: Be a Miner and an Investigator

Measurement is a part of any content strategy that simply can’t be overlooked. There’s no question about that. But if measurement isn’t accompanied by analysis, you’ve missed the mark. Sure, measurement can tell you how many people viewed your content, how they found it and how quickly they ditched…


Surprisingly Simple Places to Find Content Ideas

When you’re looking for new content ideas, you might not realize the great sources that are right under your nose. Leveraging the work you are already doing is an organic way to create engaging content. You’re probably already doing something that can be used to create useful content for your audien…


What do your metrics say about your content?

Earlier this month, the Content Marketing Association unveiled findings from its Measuring Effectiveness Report, conducted with senior-level marketers from 40-plus recognizable brands. When it comes to recognizing the need for measuring the effectiveness of content marketing, there’s no question abo…