Staying Engaged with Social Media

Posted 28 OctoberBlog, Ideas, Tips

Having your message seen in the large sea of social media can be difficult. When every fan or follower of your association or brand is receiving tweets, status updates, and pins, how can you ensure that your content stands out?

1. Stay engaged

Although it can get labor intensive, responding to your social media fans and creating a dialogue with them will foster a personal relationship between fans and your association or brand. A simple retweet or “like” is enough to let the person engaging with your platform know that you’re listening.

2. Remember your audience

Your main goal on social media should be providing your audience with content they want, whether it’s from your organization or a relevant external link. The further you stray from your business’ bread and butter, the more likely you are to lose listeners.

3. Metrics are your friend

You don’t have to use Google analytics to examine your social media data, but you should definitely be using something. Analytics give you an important window into how your social media efforts are working beyond surface indicators like Facebook likes or retweets. Use the information you learn in analytics to better focus on what your audience responds to.

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