Start Doing These 5 Things to Boost Your Email Performance

Have your email open and click-through rates been plateauing? Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics, but its success isn’t a given. If lagging open rates feel rote to you as a publisher or content manager, your audience members might be email fatigued—especially since they’re probably receiving hundreds of marketing messages and emails each day. 

Below are five ideas you can test out right away to improve your email or e-newsletter performance and increase audience engagement. 

1. Switch up your subject headlines.

An engaging headline may make the difference between an open and deletion. Avoid generic subject lines, such as “XYZ Update for the Week of January 1.” Try focusing on specific subject matter or topics to draw in the reader. Vary the format from week to week. Sometimes, a question can be thought-provoking. The best subject lines inspire action—like a CTA. Personalize the subject line if possible, and keep it concise. Need some inspiration? Check out Hubspot’s roundup of 150 awesome subject lines.

2. Keep it short and simple.

Audiences are busier and savvier than ever. Your members and audiences have entrusted you to help them prioritize what’s best and worth their time. Amplify your value as a content curator. Keep your emails as brief as possible—even shorter than you may think! 

If your e-newsletter includes a compilation of links from across the web, select only a few, and tell readers why it’s worth their while to read instead of providing a laundry list of links. Reduce the number of external links that don’t drive readers back to your site. Make sure content is easy to skim (i.e., include bulleted items, avoid lengthy paragraphs, use numbered lists).

3. Boost your buttons and calls to action.

Links can get lost in paragraphs of lengthy text. Visually separate important links and critical actions, such as “Join” or “Register,” using eye-catching colors on buttons. Customizing the text on your buttons can help carry your organization’s brand and voice. Instead of “click here,” try “Read more,” “Join us,” or “Take action.” (Check out G2’s list of CTAs that work for more ideas.) These buttons could be particularly compelling for an advocacy piece or policy memo that requires your audience’s attention.

If you’re promoting rich media, try drawing attention to the channel (e.g., “Watch her powerful story”). Varying your button copy and inserting a stronger voice could significantly impact click rates.

4. Don’t say goodbye, quite yet.

Follow up with event and webinar participants by sending a brief recap and critical takeaways to solidify learnings and encourage continued conversation. Include an invitation to opt-in for e-newsletters or receive more information about specific topics.

5. Capture leads.

Look for opportunities to build your email lists and collect data to segment your contacts by business type and interests. Start by making sure that it is easy to sign up for your e-newsletter or digital communications. Make the signup more prominent or sticky on your sites and social media. Do a clean-up of your form fields to ensure the information you’re asking for is concise and aligns with the data and lists you wish to build.

Bring back the pizzazz to your email engagement. The tactics above may be just the boost you need.

Is it more than just email fatigue? A content audit can help ensure that your marketing works together for maximum impact. Request a free consultation below.

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