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Dispatch from the More-Than-You-Need-To-Know Department at GLC: thrice weekly, our editorial and design staff assembles to review projects in production. These meetings are managed by GLC’s Project & Ad Coordinator, Linda Klepitch. In the interest of team-building, Linda often closes the meeting by posing a personal question to the group, requesting that answers be emailed to her, to be tabulated and shared at a later date.

This is not nearly as creepy as it sounds. Here are some of her past questions:

What was your favorite Halloween costume?

 What is your preferred source for the daily news?

What is your favorite driving navigation app?

 What is your dream car?

So… not exactly matters of national security, but potentially revealing, nonetheless. As part of our semi-monthly design challenges (introduced here), GLC’s design staff decided to take the responses from a handful of these weekly personal intrusions and create infographics around them. Here are the cold, hard facts:

  1. Art Director Ivette Cortes: What is your favorite vacation destination?glc-staff-vaction-spots
  2. Art Director Elissa Chamberlain: What is your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
  3. Art Director Gretchen Rund: Describe your favorite celebrity encounter.infographic_stars
  4. Creative Director Scott Oldham: Who did you see at your first concert?concerts
  5. Senior Art Director Kathleen Wilson: What do you predict will be the PANTONE color of the year (2016)?info-graphic_pantone_kathleen
  6. Designer Eric Kreienbrink: What is your favorite vacation destination?glc-vacay
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