Print vs. Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

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How we use media has changed. People today want to interact, share, post a comment or see exclusive content. It may be telling of my age, but I only read the news and shop online. I order my groceries online. We don’t have cable, so I stream my favorite TV shows (#sytycd). A digital-only world might be a far-fetched notion, though. See this funny anecdote about a paperless family from this French commercial.

I don’t think the physical, printed magazine will ever go away. I love to get my favorite magazines in print because the designs inspire me much more than the web-friendly versions of the same issue (#itsmyjob) (#visuallearner). I tear out my favorite articles and my favorite recipes. I give the issue to my friend to read, but I also send links to online articles to my dad.

Bridging the Gap

One exciting new technology that is bridging the gap between the print and digital media is digital watermarking. More than 150+ major newsstand magazines are utilizing this technology that enables readers to download a free app, scan an icon or photo in a print magazine, and “Voila!” You are directed to a slideshow, video, interview, web exclusive or special offer and able to bookmark or share the article on social media.

Do you prefer print? Is digital more your style? Or maybe you like a combination of both? Share your media preference in the comments field below.

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