How to Maximize Your Brand with Facebook’s Changing News Feed

Posted 25 AprilBlog, Ideas, News

Back in January, Facebook announced that it would reduce news from businesses, brand and media from 5 percent to 4 percent, in an effort to have people connect more with their friends and family.

As Facebook begins prioritizing content that facilitates people-to-people engagement and interaction, news publishers are already seeing declines. Facebook traffic to publishers declined 6 percent since the beginning of January, according to Digiday and Chartbeat data.

If you manage a business Page on Facebook, understanding what types of content will get greater distribution in Facebook’s updated news feed is the first step to making sure that your content continues to reach your audience.

Here’s what to expect from the new Facebook news feed:

  • Facebook users will start to see more content from family and friends, especially posts that get a lot of interaction and longer comments.
  • Recommendation posts seeking advice from friends and family will be prioritized.
  • News articles or videos that are shared and talked about, resulting in meaningful discussion and interaction, will rank higher in the news feed.
  • Content from groups will receive more distribution in the feed, as they tend to inspire more meaningful conversation.
  • Posts with long comments will get more weight, assuming that if someone takes the time to write a longer post it’s more thoughtful and meaningful than just a “like.”
  • There aren’t any ranking changes planned for Facebook ad content at this time, but there’s speculation that the pricing of ads on Facebook might change based on demand for Facebook ads and the quality / quantity of time users spend on Facebook.

Less can be more

While your brand’s content may show up less in news feed, there’s ways to make the most out of it. Below is a compilation of our favorite tips from around the web:

  • Reach out to your audience. Let your loyal followers know they can to continue to see your brand’s content by subscribing to “See First” on a Facebook Business page. This “See First” video from Social Media Examiner shows you how.
  • Try live video. This could be a great way to create conversation. TV, an online workout program, casts its workouts live and often attracts close to half a million viewers.
  • Make your content more shareable. Here’s an opportunity to improve your storytelling and get creative, whether it’s using video or taking a more “episodic” approach to content. “Your content should be both engaging and shareable. This is not encouraging you to start creating clickbait posts, but you can still use your Facebook Page to focus more on quality, rather than the quantity,” writes ClickZ’s Tereza Litsa in “How brands can maintain a successful Facebook strategy after the algorithm change.”
  • Become a groupie. If you haven’t already participated in a Facebook Group, it’s a great time to explore creating one for your brand and serving as a moderator or facilitator. Facebook groups can be public, closed or secret, depending on your business’s goals. Check out the Social Media Examiner has primer, “How to Use Facebook Groups for Business: A Guide for Marketers,” that describes how to engage, create and maximize your brand in Facebook groups.




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