Getting Dirty for a Cause

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No where in our job descriptions — or statements of work — does the clause “spend two hours schleeping through the mud” appear.

But that’s just what we’ve (gladly) done the past two years in support of our client the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. As part of their nationwide charity event, MuckFest, we suit up in our oldest shoes, put on our bravest faces, and run, jump, roll, and splat through a 5k obstacle course. The event raises millions of dollars for the Society and brought in a whopping $350,000 in Chicago alone.

Momentum, the multi-channel content marketing program we produce for the Society, provides content that helps those with MS — and their caregivers — live their best life. The inspirational stories, research, news and advice are designed to build community, encourage those who are struggling, and provide connections for those in need.

Our efforts at MuckFest are just a small example of how a community can come together to not only raise money for an incredible cause … but also overcome fears, push boundaries, and create lasting memories. If you’re interested in joining our team next year, we’d love to have you.

Tips From the Frontlines

“If you go to MuckFest, you might as well get completely covered in mud. Rest in peace my old shoes.”
Oscar Mata, Web Developer

“Training for MuckFest should comprise more than positive thoughts and choosing your least favorite pair of underwear.”
Megan Kramer, Associate Editor

“No pressure, judgment or training, just sloppy fun … and beer.”
Rick Cruz, Senior Art Director

“Keep pushing forward and you will go far. … But it’s never a good idea to roll off of a crash mat sideways.”
Molly Hunt, Junior Ad Traffic Manager

“The most memorable days usually end with the dirtiest clothes.”
Amy Bernstein, Senior Managing Editor

“Plug your nose and hope for the best.”
Rene Ryan, VP, Content Strategy

“Whatever you do, avoid the full tilt obstacle.”
Andy Lenner, Production Manager

“That was the best time I’ve ever had getting dirty with friends in the mud!”
Jason Grey, Director of Digital Operations

“Muckfest is a fun way to raise money for an important cause. But if slogging through the mud isn’t your thing, consider riding in a Bike MS event, walking in a Walk MS event, or any of the other great fundraising opportunities you can find here. ”
Scott Oldham, Creative Director

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