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Print vs. Digital: The Best of Both Worlds

How we use media has changed. People today want to interact, share, post a comment or see exclusive content. I don’t think the physical, printed magazine will ever go away. I love to get my favorite magazines in print because the designs inspire me much more than the web-friendly versions of the same issue (#itsmyjob) (#visuallearner).


The Push/Pull Dynamics of Content Generation

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Content—be it news, entertainment, advertisement, or some hybrid therein—is at its best when it pushes us in some way. The best journalism keeps us informed (ideally, but not always, through objective means), pushing us to see world as it truly is. Great art inspires us, pushing us to dream big and see the world as


Finding the Story

In the world of content marketing, there’s more to uncovering a good story than just pulling a rabbit out of a top hat: It consists of knowing the ins and outs of industry news, topics and trends, and then finding a unique and interesting way in which to tell these relevant stories.


A Journalist’s Approach to Custom Content

As a refugee journalist displaced by the collapse of the newspaper industry, I have found new opportunity in the world of custom media to tell stories that make an impact.


How Successful is Your Website Menu?

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The easier your website is for people to use, the more likely people will use your website. I know that sounds like some bad “guru” advice from a new age marketing book about web design, but it’s true. If a visitor finds what he or she is looking for easily and quickly, it’s likely that


When Badvertising Isn’t

They got me. I admit it. I saw this ad and didn’t get the joke. In my defense, I saw the ad within the context of a coupon sheet from the Sunday newspaper inserts. You know: 45¢ off Lunchables, a limited-time offer from The Franklin Mint, a two-headed, male model slurping a tropical drink through


Keep Your Medical Staff Close and Your Referring Physicians Closer

Physician referrals remain an important driver of patient volume, but the relationship with referring providers is inherently tricky. This past April, Paula Frey, Senior Vice President of Marketing & Client Services, co-presented “How to Keep Your Medical Staff Close and Your Referring Physicians Closer,” with Josie Aguirre, Director of Physician Relations and Communications at the University of Michigan

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