6 Tips to Plan a Successful Custom Photo Shoot

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so it’s imperative you do everything you can to get it right. Good photos aid marketing and advertising campaigns as much as any other element so plan properly. Here are some pointers on getting the best photos.

  1. Have a shot list. A blue print describing angles, orientation, subject focus, mood, theme, etc.
  2. Location. For a produced feel choose a studio, for content more closely related to real life choose a location shot. Call and reserve the location in advance and ask about restrictions and requirements.
  3. Models. Prepare your subject or model with multiple wardrobe options, consider color tones. When using a “real” person as opposed to a model communicate with them on what they should expect on a shoot, timing, crew, etc.
  4. Props. Easily overlooked, this can make a big difference when you have a blank or simple location to work with, consider your subject matter and the content you’re communicating.
  5. Timing. Do not rush the shoot. Think of the time you spend at your shoot relative to the time it took to prepare for it. This perspective will help you not rush your shoot and risk not getting the perfect shot, you will know it when you see it. Always get variations of the same setup, try different angles, poses, approaches, be creative.
  6. Photographer. Communicate with your photographer and provide all the essential information on what you expect. Consider how you will be using the photos and what your needs will be on the usage of the chosen pictures. Negotiate pricing for all services and get an understanding on what those services are.

A great photo from a photoshoot is the result of great planning and the right team.



Senior art director Rick Cruz accompanies photographer Riku Foto behind the scenes at a client shoot.

Have a tip or idea on getting the best photos? Share them below in the comments field.

Rick Cruz is a senior art director at GLC. 

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