5 Ways to Attract the Masses to Your Content

Launching a robust online content hub. Updating your blog weekly with rich new posts. Religiously posting valuable and interesting information on your social channels. Surely that’s enough to grab the attention of your audience, right?


The “if you build it” mentality isn’t enough to guarantee content engagement, let alone getting eyeballs on your content. Even the greatest pieces of content need thoughtful promotion tactics behind them.

Here are five ways to attract the masses to your content.

1. Send It Straight to Your Audience’s Inbox

Email marketing isn’t dead. In fact, data from Salesforce shows that 73 percent of marketers say email marketing is core to their business. The top use of email is newsletters.

You’re missing out if you aren’t packaging your latest content in a well-designed e-newsletter, and sending it directly to your members’ or customers’ inboxes.

Encourage e-newsletter signups by including strong calls to action on your website and social channels, and consider a tangible “thank you” in return like a small gift card.

2. Create Snippets for Social Media

One piece of content can yield a handful of snippets to be posted on your social media channels. Those snippet posts can then drive traffic back to your blog or website where the larger piece lives.

You could create a mini infographic with a stat from a whitepaper. You could pull out a strong quote from an article. Or you could create a 15-second video snippet from a longer video. The options are endless.

3. Speaking of Social, Put Some Money Behind It

Certainly posting organically on social has its place in your content marketing strategy. But consider complementing your organic efforts with social advertising. You can make sure your content is viewed by users within your target audience, thanks to the sophisticated targeting tools offered by many social networks.

You don’t need to invest a significant budget either. You can spend a small amount to see big benefits.

4. Reach out to Influencers

For each piece of content, reach out to an expert in that area and ask for a quote or two to work into the piece. When you publish the content, send it to the expert so he or she can promote to their audience. When you share the content on social, be sure to tag or mention the expert.

You’ll not only gain access to that influencer’s audience, but you’ll also give your content more credibility because it references an expert in the field.

5. Promote Content on Relevant Pages of Your Site

Find appropriate pages of your website for content calls to action. Consider a permanent call to action on your most popular website pages for the latest piece of content.

In addition, look for highly relevant website pages based on specific content topic. For example, let’s say your real estate association publishes a blog post on the latest fair housing updates. You might include a call to action for the post on your legislative advocacy page.

The next time you create a new piece of content — or even plan out content — pause to think through how you’ll promote it through owned and paid channels. Because if you build it, they will come … with a little push.